Monthly Archives: August 2011

What’s the Urgency? [Post-It]

What’s the urgency in what you are doing? Who’s putting pressure on you to get everything done right now? What can wait? Too often, we chase dreams and deadlines and ideas in a rush-rush-rush world, bombarded by things with seeming urgency. Some things can wait. In fact, most things can wait – something I’m learningRead the article

Business Is Not A Dirty Word: And 15 Other Important Definitions

The words “business,” “sales,” and “marketing” sometimes get a bad reputation. All of a sudden it seems off-putting if you look for sales or you talk about strategy. Sometimes I just say the word “strategy” and people’s eyes glaze over – like it’s boring. The common response goes something like this: Blogging should be about yourRead the article

You get back what you give.

In this world, you get back what you give. A few nights ago, a grumpy man at the donut shop (don’t ask me why I was at the donut shop again – long week, I say) – scowled as he walked in. Gimme three donuts!  He barked at the lady behind the counter. She frowned,Read the article

What do you put between you and your work?

What do you put between you and your work? This was my day today:  What’s really most important? I’m no saint. Sometimes I feel like I get to the end of a day, and I’ve only made it halfway through the stuff I didn’t even intend to do. How do you clear your head andRead the article