Monthly Archives: November 2010

W. O. R. K. (It’s not a dirty word!): Ten good things about work

Well, it’s back to the grind – and unfortunately, I won’t be able to post as often as I’d like over the next few weeks as I wrap up some exciting research and writing projects elsewhere (more on that to come, soon!).  Here’s a post I wrote about the grind of work from late lastRead the article

Four Ways To Tap Into Your Own Creativity And Inspiration

Creativity, innovation, and brilliance: why do some people have it and other people don’t? Creativity and innovation are the source of new business ideas, excellence in entrepreneurship, and talented individual success stories.  It would be nice to assume that creative people are “just talented,” and fall back on the assumption that “you either have itRead the article

Towards legacies: what do you want your future to be?

This post was part of a blog series on Brazen Careerist being sponsored by Entrustet in 2010. They asked Brazen members to answer the following question: What do you want your legacy to be? Here’s my response… Image from AFM What is a legacy? Every day in college, I got in the pool. We swam lapsRead the article

Social media for business: presentation

I’m working on a bit of research for my current company on social media as a business tool. Clearly, social media tools have been widely adopted by many businesses – but for some reason, within the design world, especially in architecture and landscape architecture, social media strategies have not been as readily adopted. Here’s aRead the article