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Oh, October

Well folks, tomorrow’s the first day of October.  I AM SO EXCITED! What’s not to love about Fall? From back-to-school shopping specials and pumpkin spice lattes; tail-gaiting at football games (or watching baseball, hockey and soccer); to apple-picking and pumpkin carving; recipes for delicious warm soups, pumpkin pies and breads; mulling spices and ciders; andRead the article

Staying Motivated

How do you stay motivated? Motivation – the energy and power behind any project, task, or achievement – helps us stick to our goals, make progress during the hard times, and keep us moving forward. But motivation can be fleeting. When I find myself in bursts of activity (usually at the peak of my motivationRead the article

Neal Mueller: On Tangible Goals & Personal Vision

(homepage logo from Neal Mueller, climber extraordinaire and Wharton MBA graduate, is about to start a new job at VMWare in Palo Alto, CA. In this interview, we talk about the importance of tangible goals, creating an identity and vision for yourself, and key insights on being successful in the working world today. NealRead the article

Why I Write

Someone asked me recently why I write, and I thought to myself, it’s because I must write. My brain knows that I have to do it. I can’t possibly imagine myself not writing. The question was silly, so it seemed. But then I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking to myself: I writeRead the article

The freshman heartbeat (and hello, Fall!)

The freshman heartbeat (and hello, Fall!)

On the open road (Photo by Sarah Peck) Something about the rustle of the wind changes when the summertime ends. The heat is still there, but the undertones of the wind are brisk, cool, and cleaner somehow. I feel like the sky is a bit brighter, even as the end of the day shifts towardsRead the article

On remembering.

Flags at USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor (Photo by Sarah) Humans are wonderful at remembering, and also wonderful at forgetting. We are blessed with very interesting minds that allow us to revisit past events, but not so much memory that we get overwhelmed with thoughts, feelings, and a running play-by-play of the past. How weRead the article

Lessons from … food poisoning?

If posts have been a little bit scarce lately, it’s because I came down with a terrible bout of food poisoning (well, actually DYSENTERY, which is worse than food poisoning, and definitely much more disgusting).  I’ve since been recovering (and catching up) on what now seem like very very long to-do lists and tasks. IfRead the article

A facebook addict’s confession

I have a confession to make: I think I’m addicted to Facebook. And the internet. And I have no idea what to do about it.Read the article