Monthly Archives: August 2010

The happiness project

Sometimes the blues hit. For me, when the blues hit, they hit hard. I find myself dragging, having a hard time at work, unable to get as much writing done, slower to respond to my friends … They are the days of curling up on couches, hiding underneath blankets, tapping my fingers on counter-tops, playingRead the article

Losing my rib, rehabilitating my body, and doing my first triathlon.

This is the story of meeting an accomplishment. Achievement is one stepping stone in building career and self-confidence. Many people reiterate the importance of a “life goals” checklist – a list of things that you hope to do, by a certain time or year, in your lifetime. This summer I accomplished a huge life goalRead the article

Give Yourself A Chance To Get Good

It can take a really long time to get good at something–and that’s perfectly okay. Perhaps it’s a good time to dedicate yourself to the art of learning, and not give up so soon. Read the article

Do something useful

In Time’s 10 questions interview with Elon Musk (co-founder of electric car maker Tesla), Musk talks about his experience building the Tesla electric car company, his belief that most people can become entrepreneurs, and his strategies for successful start-up companies.  In a word, Musk says that companies will be successful when they are doing somethingRead the article