A 4-Step Guided Framework for Journaling and Gaining Clarity

Not that long ago, as an eight-month pregnant lady living on stitched-together patches of sleep, finding time to journal was becoming a challenge amongst my pending worries about new motherhood. I decided to try the Clarity Cards as a journaling exercise and loved the results. Here’s the four-step process I used to chart out thoughtful ideas, insights, and clear perspectives on being pregnant.Keep Reading

My Fall Mastermind is Open for Applications

My Mastermind & Mentoring program will return this Fall. You must apply by August 18th to be considered for the early decision deadline. The latest possible day to apply is September 5th if you’d like to be in the Fall cohort. The program is a little more than 3 months long and requires a dedication to expanding yourself, your business, and your mind. Keep Reading

Do You Have Your Own Personal Board of Advisors?

I didn’t realize I needed a personal board of advisors until things got pretty rough. I was stuck, trying to do everything myself, learn faster and stay up later. Here’s how I changed, and why I started my Mastermind.Keep Reading

The Writer’s Workshop Live & Small-Group Writing Circle

This Fall, for the first time in three years, I’m teaching a live (via the Internet) gathering of The Writer’s Workshop. We’ll come together for eight weeks to practice writing, form writing groups, and gather for live calls in order to get better at storytelling, narrative, and persuasion. Sign up early, space is limited.Keep Reading

Suffering from Burnout? How to Know When to Rest or Push

Does your life plan account for enough rest? How do you know when you should push, and when you’re in burnout and deeply in need of a break? Here’s how to determine the difference.Keep Reading

Summer Reading List

There’s not much I like more than curling up with a good book and being swept away into a story or deep into a new set of ideas. This year, I’m tracking everything I read on my reading list, and making sure that half the list is made up of books by women. Now, midwayKeep Reading

A Look Inside My Writing Habits

Are you optimizing your writing habits? We have a limited amount of attention, bandwidth, and energy. There are only so many “hacks” we can take before it’s going to become ever more important to cull the flow of information and set up systems that let us optimize for our strengths and internal design. My writing andKeep Reading

Social Media Summer Sabbatical

I’m taking a short break from social media this summer (from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). I’m on pause through the month of July and already enjoying it immensely. My plan is to take a social media sabbatical for a month. Why I decided to do it: I’ve collected a bad habit of reading and scrolling—theKeep Reading

The Marketing Seminar

I don’t often stop to exclaim loudly how much I like something – but I need to stop and share how much I love a course that I’m currently taking. I’m in the middle of taking a 100-day marketing seminar taught by Seth Godin, one of the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame inductees and oneKeep Reading

The 20 Mile March

What does it take to be great? In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins and his team of researchers study how some companies rise to greatness and uncover a key strategy: the 20 Mile March. They asked the question, “Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and others do not?” They analyzed companies thatKeep Reading