Reframing your perspective, expectations, and habits—in little tiny ways

A few weeks ago, I started a second podcast, Let’s Talk with Sarah K Peck, with short notes about making it through this coronavirus madness, but also new ways to think about and see the world around us.

The first few episodes are up on Apple Podcasts and they’re also on my new IGTV page. To be honest, I never would have guessed a pandemic and being home permanently with my children would be the kickstart to creating a new podcast and instagram TV channel, but here we are. The world needs art—art gets us through. If you have the time, space, or even a whisper telling you to make something, I hope you’ll make it. Making is therapy for the soul. Today I’ll share a few episodes with you and I’d love to know what you think. 


Starting the day

If you’re finding it hard to remember what day it is, what time it is, or how to even get started—you’re not alone. Finding a new sense of normal is critical for me right now. So every morning, I’ve been sharing a small snippet of my morning routine on my Facebook page, and it’s turned into my virtual coffee shop. Here’s a sneak peek into my new morning routine—Listen to Let’s Talk, Episode #10.


Getting out of a rut

Yeah, spaced out? Me too. This episode is all about my mini-tricks to get out of a rut (or a zoned-out, spaced-out, where-am-I state of focus).  When you’re stuck at home, with children or without your brain (or BOTH), how do you get back into a groove and find your way? This episode is for anyone that feels anxious, stressed out, overwhelmed, or unable to complete a to-do list. I’m taking the view that it’s time to learn and adapt to our situation, and figure out the best strategies for us as individuals and how we get through this. In this episode, I talk about how to get started again even if the day is bananas, and how to get started on a project, crappily, if it’s been a while since you’ve made anything. In short? Creativity is a huge boon, and if you can pick something super small and do it four times, you’ll feel better soon. Listen to Let’s Talk, Episode #11.


If decision making feels impossible 

If you’re ever stuck or waffling in a decision, here’s a phrase and a short-hand that I love that helps remind me to take action: “Try it and see.” It’s something I use when I don’t know whether or not to do something. It doesn’t work in ALL instances, but it certainly helps when I’m stuck. Listen to Let’s Talk, Episode #12. 


When self-discipline stops working 

Does self-discipline work? Sometimes yes, but lately for me, and especially during the pandemic, it’s not cutting it. Hustle culture, burnout, and heaping more “discipline” on top of me like an overactive bootcamp coach isn’t getting me to do any of the things I want to do. Here’s what’s working for me instead—Listen to Let’s Talk, Episode #13.

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