I’m prepping to record an ask-me-anything for my upcoming podcast, and it will be available to anyone who is a supporter and backer of the podcast on Patreon. So far I’ve got the following questions queued up to answer:

  • The transition from 1 kid to 2 kids.
  • How I stay organized — all of my project management tips
  • What I do to rest and recharge, and what downtime looks like in our family.
  • What I think and feel about sleep training, and what we chose to do with our kids.
  • Whether or not we’re thinking of having more kids (and why this is such a hard question for us.)

If you’re curious and want to know the answers to these questions, or see more behind-the-scenes of my life or my decisions, I’m sharing a monthly private podcast episode with my patreon supporters. If you’d like to join in for $7/month, you get access to all current and past ask-me-anything episodes, and you can also submit any question you would like to see me answer. I will answer as many as I can, as honestly as I can in each upcoming episode.

Head here to become a backer of SKP Media and Startup Pregnant (that’s all me—creating work in the world), and get access to the private ask-me-anything podcast episodes each month, only for members of my community.