There’s often a lot of focus on what we do, and then on why we do it. There’s less focus on how we do things, and I think this is an important ingredient.

It matters why, and it matters what.

But how we do it just as important.

Are you rushing, slipping, catching your breath, urgent, last-minute, adrenaline fueled? Or are you patient, calm, planning ahead, ready, exhaling, easy?

The difference between the two matters.

For me, my meditation and journaling practices are the key ingredients to changing the way I show up to my work. In my mastermind communities and my one-on-one work with clients, I ask them to plan into the future and see what they want to do and talk about why they want what they want. Then, we work on “ways of being,” and develop mantras for how they want to show up in going after what they want to do.

Maybe you want to show up more messy, and practice being imperfect. That mantra—messy and imperfect—can carry you through situations where you’d normally hold yourself stiffly, or up to an impossible standard.

Maybe you want to practice more improvisation, develop your on-the-fly skills.

Or maybe you want to feel like you’re smooth, easy, and sailing well: so you allow yourself ample buffer time, you decline more events, and you create space to inhale in between everything you’re doing.

How we do things is the substance of our lives.