If Facebook went away, what would change for you? How would you spend your mornings? Your workday? What would you miss? What would disappoint you? Where would you go instead?

And conversely, what would you gain? What would change for the better?

It might be the biggest social network we’ve ever seen, but it’s also constantly changing, and it’s undergoing more and more investigation for its role in changing how our brains and communities work. Entire demographics are leaving or opting out of the network, and people are constantly changing how they use it.

For me: I’d love to have a less addiction-addled morning. The pull of social media is strong, and I’m not certain it’s always the best thing for me.

But I’d miss the deep friendships I have, particularly in a few groups. I’m in online groups with women I admire and trust, and we chat every day about our businesses, parenting, and personal lives. We go deep on the issues that matter and on problem-solving and it’s high in empathy and compassion. I’d miss that, a lot. But I also know we’d build it elsewhere, and grow it through messaging and email and slack and any other tool we needed to get the job done.

What about you? What would change, for better or worse? What would you miss?

Worth thinking about.

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