Call me old fashioned, but I still find magic in written and audio communication. When I write, or record a conversation, the conversation lives beyond me. The ideas live outside of my brain, in a place where people can stumble across them.

If you want to read what I’ve been thinking, how I’ve changed, and what I’ve been through, you can.

When I have an in-depth conversation with someone about their life and work, you can listen in.

This, to me, is magic.

This is the original teleportation: the ability to transfer energy (or ideas) from one point or another without having to show up (in human form) in real time.

Blogging for years has changed how I think, because I’ve been able to record what I think.

Speaking into a microphone and building a podcast has shifted my speaking patterns and my ability to ask questions. The act of creating is itself transformative, and I get to share it with the world.

It’s magic.

PS: I interviewed Danielle LaPorte today on the podcast, and she shared her parenting journey and what it’s been like as an entrepreneur.

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