I made something.

I made something that’s taken quite a while to make.

I don’t want to blitz past this launch period, these few days when the project comes to life and I blink and look in iTunes and realize that it’s alive, out there, in the world.

I want to savor it, talk about it, share it. I feel nervous and tender, pulling back the curtain, taking this project I’ve made and putting it out there.

It’s about deep creative pulls and making work in the world. It’s about women’s rights. It’s about motherhood. It’s about parenting, and and working, and the fact that being a working parent who is a woman is still something that’s very controversial in our society.

The Startup Pregnant Podcast is a radio show that dives into the lives and stories of women starting businesses and starting families. We interview lots of parents from all stripes, and business owners of all types.

The first first four episodes are in iTunesGoogle Play, and Stitcher. If you’re a podcast lover, or you want to take a listen to the project, I invite you to join.

If you want to cheer on the project, the best way to help right now is to actually hit the “subscribe” button on iTunes, and then, leave a review of the show.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be working to share the show as widely as possible to see if we can get into iTunes’ “New and Noteworthy” section. Fun fact: when you launch a podcast, you only have eight weeks to make a stir in iTunes, and they judge based on the number of downloads and reviews you have. So thanks in advance to each and every one of you that hits “subscribe” even if you’re a wee bit curious or you think you’ll listen to it later.

I think we’re on to something.

I feel like we’ve hit a really strong pulse because every time I talk about the project, emails and stories come pouring in. We’ve already got guests lined up through December and we’re just about to close recording of Season 1 and start a special series for the new year.

If it connects with you, and you know a friend of yours would love to listen in, send them to the Startup Pregnant Podcast page or shoot them a link straight to the show in iTunes.