If you’re a writer, or your goals include getting paid to write, publishing a book, or developing your blogging, listen up. This week I’m part of a BIG thing you’ll want to know about and it’s called The Writer’s Bundle.

Every year, The Write Life puts together an amazing package of resources for writers. This year, they’ve bundled together 10 ebooks, courses and tools on freelancing, novel writing, self-publishing, marketing, editing and more.

It’s called The Writer’s Bundle, and you can download it here.

You’ll probably recognize a lot of the people in this bundle, including Ali Luke, Jenny Blake, Joel Friedlander, Carrie Smith, and more (including me!).

Normally my course, The Writer’s Workshop, retails for $300. I rarely, if ever, have sales. This is why it’s a bit ridiculous — you can get my course for a third of the price (just $99!). And you’ll get nine other writing, blogging, and book-publishing courses. What.

The 10 resources available through this year’s bundle normally retail for nearly $1,700. But through this deal, you can get your hands on ALL of them for just $99.

Here’s what’s included when you download The Writer’s Bundle:

  • Stress Less & Impress, From Leah Kalamakis (Course; retails for $247)
  • ProWritingAid, From Chris Banks (Tool; retails for $40)
  • Book Ninja 101: 5-Day Series, From Jenny Blake (Course; retails for $150)
  • Press Release Masterclass, From Joel Friedlander and Joan Stewart (Course; retails for $97)
  • 30 Days to Creative Courage, From Mridu Khullar Relph (Course; retails for $199)
  • Get Paid to Write for Blogs, From Catherine Alford (Course; retails for $497)
  • The Writer’s Workshop, From Sarah K. Peck (Course; retails for $300)
  • Convert More Clients, From Carrie Smith (Course; retails for $59)
  • The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing, From Ali Luke (Ebook; retails for $29)
  • The 4 Foundational Pillars of Novel Structure, From C.S. Lakin (Course; retails for $49)

Download The Writer’s Bundle Here

The catch? The bundle is only available until Thursday, April 6 at 11:59 p.m. EST. That means if you want it, you should click this link NOW and grab it.

Enjoy, writers!

And yes: when I’m part of group sales like this, I get paid, too. If you’ve been wanting to check out my course and haven’t had the resources, now’s a great time to scoop it up because it won’t be on sale like this for a long, long time!

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