There are lots of marketing phrases and cultural habits that we have from the 20th century that no longer make sense in the 21st century. But, because of the ever-turning force of habit, we keep them around.

One of my least favorite sign-offs and marketing phrases is “Stay tuned.”

“Stay tuned” used to be a way to tell people to stay put.

Stay in front of the television while we deliver you more advertising messages, and create a hook for you to want to sit a little bit longer … before we come back.

Stay tuned … while we figure out our next move and return to find you in the same place.

It means: don’t leave, don’t move, don’t forget. It’s a convenience for the marketer, for the advertiser, for the seller. It’s not necessarily a convenience for the listener, the buyer, or the consumer.

Why make people wait? Why do we need people to “stay tuned”?

What can you offer that’s better than a very generic and disappointing “stay tuned”?

What phrases do you find strange and unnecessary cropping up into modern-day messaging and cultural conversation?

Leave a note …

I mean, stay tuned …