What does it look like to write every day for 30 days?

I’ve seen many of my friends do it from time to time, and I’ve always wondered what writing every day would do for me. Corbett Barr (of Fizzle) shared what he learned from writing every day for 30 days: it became easier to publish, posts became less precious, short pieces were just as valuable as long posts, and there wasn’t as much pressure on each individual piece.

For the rest of the month of January 2016, I’ll be posting here on this blog every day.


I used to publish only once per week, and that slowed down significantly over the last year as my energy and focus shifted. Sure, it’s hard to publish while working a full-time startup job and preparing for a family, but I also want to explore and experiment. I feel rusty, like I haven’t been writing and publishing enough. It’s something I’d like to change.

I want to do a project in January to write something, no matter how short. Last year, I put together a month of free writing prompts for people to start writing. This year, I want to dust off the fingers and get typing again.  I love writing and interacting with you and staying sharp with my practice.

As Melissa Joy Kong explains after writing every day for the entire year of 2013,
“I realized along the way that writing is like breathing for me. But, more than that, expressing and sharing is my oxygen. If I’m not doing it every day, my experiences and emotions start to dull. Ideas get lost in my head, never to reappear again. The days pass by more quickly. I spend less time reflecting, and thus, less time being grateful. I miss out on opportunities to meet great new people, and to share things about my journey that might help others on theirs.”

As difficult as it is to change your habits, and commit to writing every single day, I know that it’s going to be important. It won’t always be easy, but the results will be worth it.

Want to join me? Sign up for my free Start Writing Mini-Course and take the 30-Day Writing Challenge!

Remember, even if you forget a day or two but still write 15 times this month, that’s pretty awesome.

Join me!

PS: I won’t be pushing all of these new posts to email when they go live. I’ll keep sending out weekly updates via email so you can see what’s being published each week.

PPS: I’m feeling a bit vulnerable because of the pregnancy, knowing there might be hard days ahead, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try. What have we got to lose?