I’m not writing as much as I’d like. Part of it is intentional – I joined a startup a few months ago, and I made a commitment to myself that I’d focus on my new job and keep my energy streamlined, so I wouldn’t get burned out.

I did that.

But then, things got a little tough. I need writing, because writing is my way of processing. So I came back here to my blog, but I got stuck.

Where do I begin? What do I talk about?

Writing about motivation or inspiration seemed trite in the wake of all that’s been happening in our country — with regards to police brutality, racism, discrimination, misogyny, and more. I felt like I needed to speak up, and couldn’t find my words.

Sometimes in writing (or creating), you just need to get started. Let a little bit out. Publish a few things, just to get the words flowing again. So I grabbed the camera, sat in front of a blank wall, and said a few things that were on my mind. Episode 5 of my Summer Vlog is about getting stuck, and about talking about things that are hard.

If you’re feeling like it’s hard to create or make right now, then we’re right here together, in the thick of it.

Thanks for being here with me,

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