January certainly went by in a hurry.

I have quite a few things for you, and I’m just now sitting down to send you these notes.

If you’re interviewing at a new company, here are 12 questions to ask during your interview.

How do you find stillness and solitude in a hyper-connected world? (Podcast)

Want to make habit change? Here’s 8 ways to create habit change (that actually work).

For me, the more you give, the more you get.

Frazzled as a content creator? Let’s talk about the power of evergreen content.Make work that stays, saving you time in the long run. (Podcast)

Now that it’s the end of January, are you drifting away from those resolutions? Here are three tips for keeping your goals. (Video)

Bloopers can be funny! These are all the takes that didn’t cut it. (Video)

And whoa! It Starts With was named one of the top 100 websites for writers by The Write Life!

Thanks to all of YOU who share this work, connect me to awesome new people, and encourage each other to keep thinking and making.

February can be a cold month. It’s a great time to buckle in by the fire and make some work happen. Even if you’re lying down, under a blanket, with a warm cup of coffee… or a glass of wine!

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