Want to be a better writer?

What does it take to become a better writer? I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions and goals lately, and every time I talk to someone, I hear the same dream:

I want to write more.

So these past few weeks, I’ve been making a few new things to help with this. At my new job at One Month, at least half of my teammates said that they also wanted to make writing a priority for 2015. After some late-night giggles and brainstorming, I whipped together a quick challenge for us: 30 days of writing prompts, so you can write a new essay each day.

Fun announcement #1: Take the 30-day writing challenge (free)! 

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Also, I’m teaching a brand-new class on content marketing — including tips on copywriting, building relationships, understanding your customer, and capturing email leads. Which leads me to…

Fun announcement #2: I’ll be teaching a new class on Content Marking in February!

In February, I’ll be teaching a brand-new One Month class on Content Marketing.

Content Marketing covers the ins and outs of creating brilliant content and connecting with your desired audience — through a deep understanding of your user, strategic publishing, and creative copywriting. We’ll cover topics like thought leadership, copywriting basics, creating landing pages, writing great headlines, and capturing leads.

If you want to be on the early-bird access list for the course, sign up here.

The class will be four weeks long, with screen-share videos and personal videos 3-4 times each week. We’ll do three projects together, and you’ll get to meet your classmates and talk through ideas in a private forum. You can email me and chat about questions you have along the way. This is a chance to dig deeper into the field of content marketing and improve your writing and marketing skills.

But before I finalize the development of the class, I’d love to know from YOU: Why are you interested in taking this class?

I’m in the early stages of planning the course, so I’d love your feedback and insights. In exchange for sharing your thoughts and feedback with me on the upcoming course, I’ll send four survey participants a digital copy of my favorite book this month, Cal Newport’s So Good They Can’t Ignore You.

Fun announcement #3: A book-giveaway! Take the survey, win a book.

Let me know what you’d love to learn about content marketing — and what topics you think I should focus on during the class. It’s a short survey, and I’ll be giving away four copies of my favorite book this month randomly to people who fill out the survey before January 30th.

Take the survey, here. (Survey is now closed). 

Thank you!

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