Are you tired?

There’s something I’ve been reminded of lately—

Happiness doesn’t come from doing nothing; too much of nothing often feels more depressing.

But in the midst of the busy, happiness can come from a little bit of rest.

A change to your schedule.

A two-hour reprieve with a babysitter.

A Friday night in.

An hour-long lunch break where you sit in the sunshine.

A 20-minute cup of tea at your favorite tea shop on your way home, before you dive back into the working world.

Getting your nails done or having someone rub your back for a few minutes.

Getting the project that you’re working on done.

Staying in to listen to your heart’s pulls. Skipping the ten events that make you say meh just to stay home and do that weird thing that makes you say YES.

A little bit can go a long way.

Sometimes it’s writing “no, thanks” to an email that makes all the difference.

Sometimes it’s shutting down your computer 30 minutes early, or taking yourself for a walk.

Sometimes it’s doodling, taking a few photographs, or making something new for dinner just because you feel like it.

Whatever it is, today’s happiness isn’t necessarily an epic journey. Sometimes it’s a gentle conquest. Sometimes it’s as easy as a shift in your mindset.

Sometimes just a few minutes makes all the difference.