I want to say thank you.

Thank you.
Thank you for listening,
For inspiring me, for delighting me,
For telling me your stories.

Thank you for caring,
For being, for questioning, for pushing
Me, for pushing YOU,
For all of the beautiful work you do,
Even when it’s messy, and you wonder, curious,
Sad, lonely, afraid, in the dark, and yet
Your gorgeous spirit still shines, tells me
We’re all going to be okay.

Thank you,
For the effort you give in
carving out your greatest self.

Thank you for working,
For considering, for questing, for laughing,
For leaning with me and making a commitment to
Learning, even while you’re
Swaying and flailing,
Swirling and whirling, random
Flaps uncertainly in the wind.

It means a lot to me that you’re here.

Sometimes I feel like we’re just only getting started…

I’ve been here for a while, writing now into my 4th year,
And my heart swells with gratitude at
How much this has taught me, how many of you
Have shared, emailed, written, giggled, laughed,
Found, discovered, played, and you’ve
Given me, lifted me up, grown me.

Thank you.

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