It’s not about working harder. Or longer. Or more. It’s not about competing to get less sleep. (This is stupid.)

It’s not (always) about staying up later to beat the competition. (I prefer to beat them and go to sleep early, isn’t that an even better win?) It’s not about finding ways to grind yourself to the ground.

It’s about working better.
It’s about strategy.
It’s about figuring out priorities.

It’s about making a decision with the time you have, because time, as an input, is limited. It’s about saying no and deciding not to do things, even though a decision feels like you’re killing something.

Sometimes, it’s about finishing.

It’s about making the decision to have the AND. I’m going to have a beer AND work hard AND go for a run AND take the time to relax. I’m going to build a business AND do my project. I’m going to do only the best things for each, and not grind myself to do all of the things.

It’s also about making the decision to say NO. I’m NOT going to go out, I’m NOT going to go to that meeting, I’m NOT going to work late, I’m NOT going to answer every email, I’m NOT going to have coffee with everyone.

I’m going to take the time I need to be the person I need to be, completely.

I’m going to take time off from work, because work is not everything.

I’m going to prioritize the things that are calling at my soul, and stop doing the things that waste my time.

I’m not going to do more, I’m going to do better. And smarter.

The only system you need is the system that works. Constantly and vigorously test if what you’re doing is getting what you need done, and how to make it leaner. If you’re an overachiever, ask yourself how to do a whole lot less and get the same results. Go on, try it. Now you have more time.

Prioritize. Say no. Work better.