“You don’t get better by staying the same.”

You get better by doing something different. By trying new things. By pushing out of your comfort zone.

You don’t become the best by doing what everyone else is doing. You do it better.

You think of completely new things and you try them anyways. You keep going even after you fail. You do everything to make it happen, and then some. You hustle when other people aren’t paying attention. You stay late if you have to, or leave early because you know that value is not tied inextricably to time, but that value is a product of creating things worth making and by doing things in better ways than before.

More of the same gets you more of the same. Or, as my coach used to say: “Staying in place is actually somewhat insidious. If everyone else is moving forward, you’ll be moving backwards by comparison.”

Change it up, do it different. Do it better.

Try something new.

The only constant is change.