How can I be better?

Nearly every day, this is a question I struggle with.

Today is impermanent, imperfect, temporary.

We can always be better. 

What will you focus on? How can you get better?

I write every week, almost every day, in an effort to become a better and better writer. Jack London, in his letter to an aspiring writer, cuts to the chase with some (brutal) feedback that many of us (as un-edited, free-publishing internet writers) need to hear.

Feedback is when information about the past influences your present and future actions. As Jenny Blake writes, Feedback is Career Currency: learn to love it.

In a recent review, I asked my bosses to give me the brutal truth: Feedback will sting for a few days, but worse yet is staying the same for the next forty years without improving your craft.

Take the feedback for the long term.

It’s hard to ask for it, but it’s unbelievably worth it.

How can you be better?

How can I be better?

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