March 10, 2010.

One year from today. Not a year from now, in the future.  A year before today. March 10th – last year. What were you doing?

More importantly, what were you planning on doing? Take stock in your actions. Have you made changes? Have you made progress? Are you on your way towards your goals?

If you haven’t made progress, then the things you’re doing each day aren’t adding up.

So you’re going to need to make your day look a little bit different.

What does change look like? What does it look like to reach your goals?

If you’re not there yet, then something different needs to happen.

*** *** ***

A year ago, today, I didn’t have a blog. I had a different job. I hadn’t run a half marathon or done a triathlon. I’d never swum across the Bay before, and in fact, had only started open water swimming in 2008. I joined the SF Tri Club and I started track workouts with great people – one of whom became my new roommate in San Francisco.  In May this last year I moved back to San Francisco. I traveled to four new cities. I signed up for a new class (which I’m nervous about admitting on here just yet) and I’ve learned a lot about myself and other people. I’ve met dozens of fabulous people and I’m thrilled about the potential for change.


Things change, whether we like it or not. Are you making changes that you want to see happen?

If you had told me last year what today would have looked like, I would have laughed. Me, write a blog? Get out.  Run a half marathon? In my dreams. Move – again – and risk being called out for my wanderlust? Yup, guess it happened.

But I also see the flaws of the last year: I’ve barely made the dents I want to in the student loan debt that I have. I bought a car that I’m not sure that I want. I applied to dozens of fellowships and grants – and even a teaching program – and heard back negatively for most of them. I had doubts and fears about my abilities and my progress and what I’ll ultimately end up doing and being. And, I wrote less than I wanted to – a lot less. I went through paralysis, writer’s block, and insecurities.

But nothing really stayed the same.

The constant is change.

*** *** ***

What about you? What is the most significant thing that you’ve done or changed over the past year?

What does 1 year from today look like, for you?

What do you want to do differently?

What will be different, one year from today?

And how are you going to get there?

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