It starts with small.

Sometimes the smallest, most insignificant changes are really the most important.

Not all good things start with a bang. This reduction of things in my life – saying yes and saying no – is a bit of a bang. Although I’m trying to keep it reigned in, a bit. Small changes, small days at a time.

Not all things happen with a bang.

Sometimes the best idea begins with a kernel.

Sometimes that kernel comes from a place of dissonance or discontent. Something’s out of place. Something’s wrong. You notice that something is off. It’s just not quite right.

Changes happen slowly. Today, one thing, one small, very small thing, is all you need to focus on.

Perhaps you get into bed 15 minutes earlier. And you wake up 15 minutes earlier.

What is the cumulative affect of this small change, daily, on the next three weeks of your life? Perhaps in 3 weeks, you’re getting up 2 hours earlier every day.

Perhaps you want to be a runner. Think and dream big, but start small. Today, just walk. Today, just put the sneakers on. Today, just go for a short jog. Put the shoes on, take a few small steps, and then get home quickly and shower.

You did it. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Small steps.

It starts with small.

Small is better than nothing at all.

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Photography by Alexandra Sklar, on her blog Bancroft & Ivy.

Read the first post, “Yes + No, More + Less” about my decision to give up digital communication (for a short time), and give up a few other things in order to make more space in my life. I did this so that I can say yes to the things that really matter.

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