#Reverb10 offers a month of reflection and prompts for each day. I’m slowly catching up, and enjoying the prompts, however delayed.

December 25 is a photo:

This was in Philadelphia, at Penn’s Landing by the Delaware River, with two of my closest friends, Matt and Alexandra. Photograph by Matt Sklar.

*** *** ***

Philadelphia. Oh, Philadelphia, I’ve missed you.

This was October.

A Sunday morning.

That morning, I slept through my first flight. I, Sarah Peck, queen of the prompt and on-time and organized, completely missed my plane flight from Columbus, Ohio to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I woke up, bleary-eyed, at 7:24 AM and looked at my phone, lying next to me in the bed. My flight’s departure time was 6:00 AM. I was supposed to have left by 4:30 AM to catch my flight. The panicked feeling of being late for something rushed in and tried to take hold, but I was so utterly, ridiculously, impossibly late that panicking wasn’t an option. My flight was already out the door, and the flight attendants overhead were somewhere between drink delivery and trash pick-up. And I, well, I was still in bed.

I peeled back the covers and crawled out of bed.  The floors creaked in the old victorian house, and I tried not to wake my friends Mary or Erik. I tiptoed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I rubbed my eyes. The door of the second bedroom slowly opened. Mary, clad in her pajamas and slippers, looked at me fuzzily without putting her glasses on. 7:26 AM.

“Did you miss your flight?”

I nodded, sheepishly, feeling somewhat like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Oh. Oh no!”

I changed into my jeans, shrugged, and said, well, here’s hoping for the best.  I pulled the sheets back up on the bed and headed out to the car.

*** *** ***

I ended up six hours late to Philadelphia, detoured on stand-by through Washington, D.C., but still made it. My friends, some of my best friends in the world, directed me to the nearest riverfront destination, and I ran straight from the airport to the water, grabbing a hold of two plastic cups for – what else?

Beer tasting.

My old city.

Unlimited beer, more friends, and —

a spontaneous dance-a-thon.

Moments like this can’t be captured in words. They must be captured in pictures. Here are a few more of the priceless photos from a day spent partly in Ohio and partly in Philadelphia:

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