The Writer’s Workshop: A Digital Course

Write powerfully. Tell sticky stories. Build content that converts. Create messages that inspire action.

Writing well unlocks your ability to describe who you are and what you want. In today’s digital age, writing is the backbone beneath everything we do: blogging, email, connection, and collaboration. Everyone is now a writer, whether they want to be or not. The people who are smart will actively work to get better at writing, because they know a world of power and influence lies behind the written word.

The Writer’s Workshop (Self-Guided)—$300.

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Writing is everywhere

Everyone is now a writer. In today’s digital age, writing and communication skills are more important than ever.

The most powerful thing you can do in both your personal life and your business life is tell great stories. If you can create messages that persuade, content that converts, and language that influences others, you’ll have some of the fundamental keys to making change happen.

You can’t afford to write poorly

Writing well is the key to unlocking your ideas, to creating a business of your dreams, and to starting powerful relationships.

This eight week guided course will teach you about writing, storytelling, creating compelling copy, and how to write persuasively. You’ll get to practice your craft, learn new writing tips and tactics, get direct feedback on your writing, and connect with other talented creatives within a private workshop format.

The most powerful thing you can do in both your personal life and your business life is hone your ability to write well.

About the course

In this updated and expanded eight week digital course, we cover the following topics:

  • How to craft great stories — and the hidden frameworks behind great stories;
  • How to cultivate your imagination and visualization to unlock your inner creative;
  • The art of persuasion and how to write copy that converts;
  • Specific tools and templates for how to improve your copywriting in blogs, email, and other everyday communication–tools that you can use thousands of times.

How this course got started…

Over the past three years, I’ve been researching the latest tips and tools in storytelling — and today I have amassed a library of over 85 books (and counting) specifically on communications and storytelling. As a communications specialist and communications consultant, my projects have included building communications infrastructure, creating internal communications initiatives, launching magazines, launching multiple blogs, taking on editorial roles, engaging in international journalism projects, and creating press campaigns for new companies.

My in-person workshops at General Assembly, the World Domination Summit, and The Bold Academy have all sold out; I’ve presented and taught at the University of Houston’s Business School, the University of Virginia, and at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

Now, the course is available online in a private, community-based workshop that you can join from anywhere.

I’ve developed a course for people who aren’t ready to go back to school yet (or can’t afford a $50,000 graduate education), but still want to improve their game at work and in life.

This was my solution: I spent the better part of a year revising, honing, and framing core lessons to help people improve their writing craft quickly. What formed was an eight-week digital writing workshop with stories and exercises to practice your craft, as well as a private, shared community of colleagues to converse with and learn from. It’s consistently sold out to rave reviews and combines the elements of self-learning with an online space to connect with other learners.

Core Course Modules & Lessons

Module 1: Tap Into Your Inner Muse

  • Unlock your creative potential through key exercises in visualization, imagination, and association.
  • Learn how to get un-stuck, how to start writing, and how to tap into your inner creative.
  • From details to introspective to understanding alternative perspectives, learning how to add imagery and color to posts will improve your writing quickly and immediately.  

Module 2: Tell Sticky Stories

  • Human memory relies on stories–we remember messages that we can easily carry and share.
  • Learn three frameworks for great storytelling from the experts–from Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to Nancy Duartes’ structures on resonance.
  • How to use each of these frameworks to create messaging that’s relatable, sticky, and moving.

Module 3: Create Content That Converts

  • Learn how to create story frameworks for blogging, how to write a killer introduction (and thank-you note!), and the art of asking for what you want.
  • Get four customizable templates for everyday communication–never have to build an email from scratch again.

Module 4: Language That Inspires Action

  • Discover influential strategies that inspire others;
  • Learn how to use language to persuade, influence, and inspire others.  

What people have said:

“Beyond writers, this is a powerful class for any communicator, storyteller, or business person. Language is how we share our ideas and inspire action. Everyone should take this course.” — Amber Rae, The Bold Academy.

“Ready to become a better writer? Sarah is my go-to gal. Check out her Writer’s Workshop!” — Tara Gentile, Business Strategist, Kickstart Labs.

“Sarah combines her experience in athletics, writing, and design to teach in a relatable way that inspires growth. This course not only evolves the way you think and create, but helps you hone your sales and persuasion skills. So, you come away with a fresh set of tools and the know-how to apply them to your business, career, or creative projects. Two words: do it.” — Matt Hunckler

Access immediately and go at your own pace:

This is a self-guided program. Within 24 hours after registering, you’ll be given a custom password to The Writer’s Workshop Website. You can work through everything right away, or you can do a new lesson every few days. I recommend that you do one writing lesson per week, for eight weeks—and I’ve crafted an email series to guide you through the program this way. You’ll get three emails from me each week after you begin, taking you through the lesson (a reading), optional bonus materials to go deeper, and an assignment to put it into practice. By the end of the eight-week course, you’ll have written 8 different essays to put these skills to work.

The entire program includes:

  • A private website with access to the materials 24/7, whenever you want.
  • All four modules of the writer’s workshop, with stories, readings, and assignments for each module.
  • A total of 8 lessons (2 per module),  plus 8 assignments to practice what you’ve learned.
  • A practical assignment for each lesson delivered with the lesson for you to complete twice weekly immediately following the readings, which you can complete at your own pace.
  • A bonus email series that guides you through the program, with emails delivered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for six weeks to encourage you through the program.
  • Unlimited access to the materials for one year from the purchase date.

You’ll also get:

  • 4 video lectures delivered each Friday that recap the week’s teachings, and includes an optional bonus “play” exercise for you to enjoy.
  • The 114-page PDF workbook with all of the lessons, modules, stories — and bonus content!
  • Access to our private community of writers on our Facebook Page — a place to share, connect, and work through your writing hiccups and hurrahs with like-minded peers.

AND this course also includes:

  • Customizable templates to use in crafting your essays and stories.
  • Copies of the recordings from the previous LIVE classes Q/A video calls with two hours of questions, answers, and deeper insights into writing.
  • Bonus strategies and ideas for what to do when you’re stuck and optional essays to continue to work on after the course;

What past students have said:

“Sarah was great. Very engaging, very practical. I left with pages of notes and a lot of homework, but most importantly I left inspired with new ideas that kept me up late.” — Zachary

“Sarah was exceptionally well-prepared and engaged our class from the start. The material was presented clearly and creatively.” — Katie

“I learned far more than I ever expected—it was a personal journey, an incredible ride, and an amazing content. Working with Sarah was wonderful.”

“I didn’t realize how much I could improve my writing until I took Sarah’s class—I could take this class over and over again. I can’t wait until she teaches another course!”

“Her content is always thought-provoking and will force you to confront the challenge of executing your best ideas. She studies where great ideas come from and helps individuals and businesses do great work.”

Plus! Bonus audio-interviews with thought leaders from around the web:


In addition to all of the course materials, I’m adding SIX audio interviews with thought leaders as additional course materials, which you’ll get to keep and listen to whenever you’d like.

As one participant said, “I started listening to the audio and I was HOOKED. These are such good interviews!” You’ll hear from:

  • MeiMei Fox, author, writer, and NYTimes bestseller, on the number one trick for writing and why she calls herself “The Architect of Waking Dreams;”
  • Jenny Blake, organizational ninja and creative powerhouse, on strategies for staying organized;
  • Joshua Fields Millburn of The Minimalists, on changing his life, the three basics of storytelling, and his journey into minimalism;
  • Julien Smith, entrepreneur and bestselling author of “The Flinch,” on the number of drafts and revisions, and how he finally realized what the one thing the book was about.
  • Paul Jarvis, on writing three books and setting up a digital newsletter, “The Sunday Dispatch.”
  • Monica McCarthy, on writing, storytelling, and taking her work from the stage to her own online empire.

In each of these interviews, we look at how they write, what habits and tricks they use to create their work, what challenges they faced in getting started. We talk about editing, publishing, managing your time, the art of content creation, the use of various mediums, and how to find the root of the story you’re trying to tell.

This course is perfect for:

  • People with aspiring creative writing dreams;
  • Professionals looking at improving communication skills for your day job;
  • Bloggers who want to improve their craft;
  • New writers who want to get started on a writing project;
  • People with a writing practice who want to meet other like-minded people.

What you’ll need:

  • An inquisitive mind and a curiosity about how to improve your writing ability.
  • An open-minded countenance and the ability to be kind and gentle to your peers, creating a collaborative, safe space.
  • A desire to improve your craft of writing and a passion for writing, reading, or creating–and the desire to get started!
  • At least 2 hours per week for coursework and 1 hour for the video and audio components; plan also to allow a comfortable amount of time to write a few times per week. (I recommend dedicating one or two nights to writing!)
  • A quiet, easy place to work or a place that you feel good about writing (this is not required–but helpful!) If you don’t have this yet, consider finding a coffee shop or going to a library (or setting up a sign next to your computer that says “writing time” when you’re writing.
  • Technical details: you’ll need to be able to write easily (a computer or word processor, or a notebook and pen), have access to email and Facebook, and be able to view PDFs.

We are all writers.

The idea that writing is a separate tool or skill from other skills is a myth that needs to be debunked. We should all be excellent communicators—because the more powerfully we can convey our ideas, the more we can achieve.

Improving your writing means you can improve your relationships (through better inter-personal communication), improve your work (by better describing what you do), and get what you want (by better articulating what you want).

Writing well changes everything. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the class!

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THE Writer’s Workshop — SELF-GUIDED CLASS:

The Writer’s Workshop (Self-Guided)—$300.

ISW COURSES—Registration Buttons-01