Recess: 5 Minute Resets For Sanity & Calm

 A self-guided, self-paced audio course to help you breathe, relax, and find your center again.

This course is currently free for everyone who needs it. All course donations in 2020 will go to the NYC food bank.


Short guided audio notes to help you catch your breath, find your center, and re-set your mind during busy or stressful times. 

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, stressed, or exhausted—you’re not alone. I originally made this series for busy parents as a way to help push the reset button during the day. But now it’s clear that we all need a reset button, so here’s a series of short audios to help you catch your breath during the middle of the day if you’re overwhelmed.

All of the audio notes are short, between five and eight minutes, so you can sit for a minute or two before moving on to the next thing that you’ve got to do. I get it.

Here’s what’s in the course:

  • Breath:  Guided breath work sessions to show you how to calm your breathing, relax into your body, and use specific breathing techniques to change how you feel.
  • Body:  Specific exercises to help you relax, like a forward fold or a side stretch. Little guided moments to help you release tension one bit at a time.
  • Stories: Short stories to entertain and delight you with how busy our brains and minds can get, and to help reframe perspective.
  • Visualizations:  Need an escape? Come with me (in your imagination, at least) to the beach or the mountain. I’ll take us there and we can escape for a minute by relaxing into the beautiful shores of a sunny beach… just for a few moments.

How It Works

Your breath and your attention are so powerful. I’ll guide you back to yourself with short exercises, easy practices, and guided prompts.

The course includes 20 short audios and videos you can listen to anywhere, anytime, as much as you’d like. Here’s an example, below, if you want to take a listen to one of them.  You don’t have to do or be anything other than exactly where you are. Ready? Let’s begin. 

The New York City Food Bank

Food Bank For New York City has been working to end food poverty in our five boroughs for over 35 years. They are currently looking to provide 15 million meals to New Yorkers who would otherwise go hungry. A donation of $100 can provide 500 meals to people in need. Consider donating whatever you can to help provide nutritious, reliable meals for families, children, and the most vulnerable populations.

Recess: 5 Minute Resets For Sanity & Calm

A self-guided, self-paced audio course to help you breathe, relax, and find your center again. All proceeds throughout 2020 will go to support the New York Food Bank.


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