In addition to hosting my own podcast, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with bright souls and minds around the globe. Here are some of my favorites.


How To Build A Tribe | World’s Most Fascinating People with Vanessa Van Edwards

Time Management: What People Don’t Tell You | Helium Podcast

Bringing Audacious Goals To Life | The I Want Her Job Podcast

Does It Have To Look This Way? | The Rad Awakenings Podcast with Khe Hy

Design Your Workplace | The Lightbulb Moment Podcast with Becky Mollenkamp

Parenting, Choosing Freedom, Doing Less, and My Story | Shameless Mom Academy Podcast, April 18, 2018.

The 20-Hour Work Week | The Kate & Mike Show, Podcast Episode #74, March 2018.

Planning Ahead For 2018 and Eliminating 50% of My Workload with Sarah Peck of Startup Pregnant, Think Creative Collective Podcast: The Strategy Hour, March 2018.

To book me for a podcast or interview, please email press at I try to make as many episodes and chats as I can, work, family and time willing. I love talking about philosophy, psychology, motivation, movement and the body, writing, and using your voice.