Grace & Gratitude

Come together for daily practices in grace, gratitude, and cultivating an open heart. An email-based series to open our hearts & minds.

A two-week guided workshop:
December 4th — 20th, 2015

Registration closed

An inspirational journey for your heart and soul.

This is a two-week digital workshop focused on two powerful elements in our lives: gratitude and grace. We’ll soften our hearts and listen more to our souls as we navigate the transitions in each of our lives.

  • Holiday course runs December 4th — 20th. This special class will run for two weeks (plus an extra weekend) with a small group of people all over the world joining us. We’ll begin Friday, December 4th.
  • Each day, I’ll send you a story. The story will highlight how we close ourselves off from receiving grace, and key tools we can use to soften, open and delight. You’ll read lyrics, poems, messages and words crafted with joy from some of my favorite thinkers around the web.
  • You’ll also receive a daily practice with a specific tool or tip to implement the practice in your life in that very moment. The daily practices are designed to help expand your mind and open your heart to reflect on how gratitude and grace can become a part of your life. The daily practices will involve thoughts, journaling, conversation starters, paper, glue, and photographs — all of my favorite ways to dive into the heart space.
  • When you’ve completed the practice, we’ll gather together to share our journeys through the power of the internet — if you’d like to share your experiences or observations, you can join in on the global hashtag as you explore your own journey. Some of you might write blog posts, some of you will post photos, some of you will make physical crafts (yay handiwork!). From time to time, I’ll curate and link to your work and distribute them back to the community.
  • You’ll get a custom-designed digital notebook with stories, images, thoughts, quotes, and space to journal your reflections that you can keep to use again and again (and to add your own practices within it).
  • Your inbox will get a burst of happiness each day for two weeks. In addition, I’ll feature thoughts and wisdom from a community of wise souls— including some of my favorite writers and spirits from around the web — in bonus excerpts and interviews.

I was grateful my big sister, Easkey, decided she wanted to do this with me out of all the people in her world. For the first time in a long while I saw things for what they were, an amazing chance to connect with a sister whose path in life zigzags all over the world, exploring every nook and cranny, while mine follows the river, always flowing forward, always at home within itself. It was a chance that could not be missed. – Beckey-Finn, October 2014

Details + Registration.

Register to join: $100.
$47. for the special holiday course.

What does it mean to cultivate gratitude?

Nestled in between all the craziness of our lives is a deep desire for reflection, contemplation, and greater awareness. Before we get too wrapped up in the tedium of daily madness, feeling fatigue and overwhelm — I’d like to invite you to step back and remember the spirit in us all.

This course is a time to venture inwards, discover your own strengths, dig deeper, and cultivate awareness. Join me in a two-week workshop focused on building practices of gratitude and opening to the power of grace.

How can you become more open to grace?

Inviting grace into your life is a reminder to lift your spirit, open your heart, and feel the pulse of the universe celebrating all around you.

It’s an invitation to delight in the present moment.

To sink into the gifts of today.

To hold someone’s hand and send love into the world.

To remember that you are full of love and light, and through gentle practices, we can reacquaint you with your own self. Sound crazy? It’s quite beautiful…

“I adore Sarah Peck. She writes from the heart. I want to print out and keep everything she writes.” — Marie M.

Why is the workshop $47 this time?

Normally my courses and workshops are $400 and up. Yet for far less than the cost of one hour-long coaching session, we’ll get to work together for 14 days. Why am I doing this? This is my life work. This is my soul work. I’m doing this because I believe in it — I think this work is essential to help ease the loneliness, sadness, and frustration we feel in our current lives. I want as many people to join this course as possible.

We’ll open our minds, soften our hearts, and engage in delightful daily practices that are both fun and soul-stirring. It won’t always be this cheap — the course is full of delights and goodies that are so good for you.

What people are saying:

“It’s amazing how powerful a simple gratitude exercise can be in shifting the entire scope of your day.” — Anne S. 

“Gratitude means everything to me. It means giving thanks for everything that has come into your life, the good and the bad. It means operating from a place of faith that everything is just as it should be.” — Suzannah S.

“They’re little essays, but the words are extraordinary. Powerful. She helped me change my life, one little thought (and accompanying action) at a time.” — Aaron

“Gratitude never goes out of style.” — Melanie

“Wow.” — Elizabeth

What you’ll need:

  • The desire to open your heart.
  • A willingness to journey, to feel, and to reflect.
  • A notebook, a journal, a pen, a piece of paper, a blog, or a word processor.
  • Some crafting supplies of your own accord: a magazine, scissors, a glue stick, some markers —whatever you’d like!
  • A way to take photographs — an phone, a small camera, (or a creative way to capture what you see; it can be drawn, sketched, described, etc).
  • You do not have to be an artist! All you need to bring is yourself and a willingess to do things even if they feel a bit unusual, strange, or silly. It’s for fun!
  • A gentleness towards yourself and towards others in order to encourage the richness of this community.
  • A desire to love more: more of yourself, more of your world, more of your heart, more of the people around you.

 Join us in this workshop:
Registration closed.