An accountability group and kind-hearted community for people who want to get stuff done.

It’s time to make progress on your dreams.

If you’re like most of the smart, talented, creative humans I know, you’ve got something you want to dig into and make happen. And you want a little help to make it happen.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about kicking off a new project.

Writing a big essay, starting a blog, or testing out a new client offering. Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a new exercise program, documenting your food creations with a photo blog.

Or you just want to eat better. Maybe you want to finally make time for a creative habit that you love doing, but haven’t done in forever.

You’re not alone—so many people want to be making things in the world right now. Despite all the chaos around us, there’s never been a better time to dig in and start building.

Maybe you’re making progress on a goal, but you need some accountability.

 You’ve set out on that project or dream, but you’re at that predictable three-month-stuck stage, where the shiny newness of the project wore off but there’s loads more to do to really sink your teeth into it. You don’t want to let another year go by feeling like you’re behind, you’ve lost track, or you’re starting to falter after you made so much initial headway.

Maybe you’re in the weeds and you just want some friendly faces to talk to about your progress.

You’re the kind of person who works best when you’re regularly updating people on your progress, and you want some kind faces alongside you as you’re doing the work.

If you want a place to get un-stuck when you find yourself stuck, if you need to be around people who are committed to taking action, if you want to be around other people in them mess and the weeds, or you need a crew to keep you somewhat accountable, then come join me.

Come join me in FOCUS for support, accountability, and community.



A virtual community with coaching hot-seat sessions. We meet twice per month for connection, encouragement, and lightning clarity to help you get unstuck and stay FOCUSED on that big thing you really want.

“I love how the people in this group show up so wholeheartedly—everyone gives with vulnerability and generosity. This space is well-loved.”


The next group starts in November.

Enrollment opens October 9th, 2020.

FOCUS is a dedicated group of people who want to get the big work done—you just need a little accountability and a community cheering you on as you get there.

Here’s my magic recipe: kindness for the hard days, clarity when you’re feeling stuck, loving nudges when you’re avoiding the work, and quick notes to inspire you to get back into it.

This isn’t quite a mastermind (but it’s close). 

It’s a group of people coming together twice a month to check in. It’s a little bit social and a little bit practical.

No social media required.

This isn’t a Facebook group (NO THANK YOU), and it’s not a messy Slack channel that starts with a boom and then creates a million notifications you can’t keep up with.

This is a twice monthly meet-up for people who want to get stuff done, and want to share progress, successes, and even the mid-stream flops with others.

If you want a group of makers, do-ers, and risk-takers (like you) to be honest, open, and kind as you dig into the vulnerable, messy, and big dreams that your life is calling you to, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s do this together.

Come take a look at what I’ve built for you.



When you join us in FOCUS, we’ll meet twice a month — once to gather and connect, and then again mid-month to knock back obstacles and get you unstuck.


First Wednesday of every month
11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

Gathering, brief meditation, goal-setting, and connecting with fellow members in small groups to talk about the big project you are working on and what you hope to do this month. Social prompts, conversation starters, and small breakout rooms. 


Third Wednesday of every month
11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

A dedicated 75-minute session for 3 to 5 focused hot seats to help you get unstuck. You’ll submit your progress, describe what seems to be holding you back, and do a live group coaching session. Everyone can join, learn, and discuss. 

If goal setting alone worked, we’d all be millionaires, authors, and world-travelers by now.

Goal setting is important and necessary, but most people don’t take the right next steps needed to turn those dreams into reality.

You need to get clear on what you want, break it down into actionable, measurable steps, and make it realistic within the time frame you have.

Big, sweeping ideas seem sexy. New Year’s Resolutions are incredibly popular, and yet the majority of them don’t work.

Let’s get clear on what actually works.

As part of this program, I’ll show you my process for getting things done, and how to create frameworks that actually work — setting shorter, simpler goals and tracking progress month over month.

And the most important part?

Accountability. Other people. A little skin in the game. People to turn to when you get stuck or you have a really gnarly month. Confessing your real truth to the group. Shaking out the sticky stuff when you feel overwhelmed by it all.

You need to be around people who are also working steadily on their own goals.

We don’t live in a perfect world

CLEARLY, if 2020 has anything to tell us. The world changes really fast. 

I’m less interested in what you’d do if everything went right—I’m more interested in how you stick to it, persevere, and adapt when things get spicy. Because life is never going to go as planned.

Going solo on your dreams is overrated.

The myth of the lone creative, hunkering down by him or herself, is overrated.

Yes, you need to do the work. You alone need to write your words, overcome resistance, and fight the good fight in making progress on your dreams.


You also need other people to talk to about how the resistance is hard, and how the days get away from you, and how you persevered even when it was a shitty day. How you wrote 500 words that were crappy and gut-wrenching and terrible, but then the next day, you had a magical writing session.

It’s other people that help us through the chaos.

If you want a place to connect with other people, that’s why I’m building this up for you. I’m creating the overall structure—the philosophy, container, and encouraging notes about what it means to make work and be human.



  • Meet every month with the same group of people & have a place — outside of work and your family — to talk about the thing you really want to spend your time doing.

  • Watch other people go through similar patterns and feel seen and heard because you’re all showing up to do the work, together.

  • Feel the kindness of helping other people and bringing that whole-hearted generosity back to yourself and your own project—and use it to keep going.

  • Be more confident putting your ideas and work out there—to be really seen, and to start the growth you’ve always wanted.

  • Finally build your audience, write your thing, start your blog, share your story, dig into the deep work you crave doing.

  • Have an industry veteran help you get unstuck, guide you with your work, and give crucial feedback and support each month.


“Since joining your group, I started a website, wrote six articles, created a journal prompts email program, sent out my first monthly newsletter, and grew my first email list to 140 contacts.”



This isn’t a mastermind.

It’s close, but it’s not quite that intense. Many mastermind programs have dedicated 1:1 time with your coach, multiple sessions throughout the year, high-end coaching… and a five-figure price tag.

It’s not 1:1 private coaching.

This is for people who aren’t ready for a 1:1 coach yet, but they still know they want some type of accountability. Social support and group coaching—and people to pay attention if you try to skip out and hide!—would be wildly helpful to help you to stay the course, and see your goals through.

This is not another Facebook Group.

You don’t need another overwhelming Facebook or Slack group right now! You need a small, dedicated group of business owners like you who you can get to know, so you can watch each other in action.

“Since joining your group, I started a website, wrote six articles, created a journal prompts email program, sent out my first monthly newsletter, and grew my first email list to 140 contacts.”



When you join us in FOCUS, we’ll meet twice a month — once to gather and connect, and then to knock back obstacles and get unstuck so you can roar.



An introduction to goals, goal-setting, habit change, and the essential mindset shifts that I think are key for you to dig into your big dreams for the long haul. These will be in your private online portal for you to read, plus I’ll send you bonus tips and notes via email throughout the year (about once per month).

10 videos, recorded so you can watch them again and again, anytime.



Every month we’ll host a gathering, where I’ll walk us through a brief meditation, a goal-setting session, and then you’ll have time to connect and reflect with fellow members in small groups. Talk about the big project you are working on and break down what it is you hope to do this month. 

Every month, on the first Wednesday at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern.



Each month, we’ll have a dedicate hot seat session to help work through a handful of sticky challenges. Three to five people will be selected each month to sit in the hot seat and work through their specific challenges. Before the call, you’ll submit your progress, how you’re doing, and anything that seems to be holding you back. These live coaching sessions are open for everyone to join—folks tell me that they often learn as much (or more!) from watching other people get coached as their own sessions!

Every month, on the third Wednesday at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern.



You’re joining a dedicated group of people committed to making progress on a big goal this year. These are people (like you!) who are committed to taking action, to breaking through blockers holding you back, and open to the experimentation that is required to try, test, tweak, and continue.

You’ll see everyone’s progress and real-life challenges and grow in kindness at how hard and peculiar the learning journey sometimes is. Then, we’ll cheer each other on to keep going. 



You’ll learn my favorite tools for when you have ‘falter months’ or what I like to call REAL LIFE moments—because that thing that happens in month three happens to everyone. Life. Happens. Rather than fight it, we can breathe into it, be kind to ourselves, and find a way to keep going. I’ll show you how to design for kindness, forgiveness, and steady consistency — not some mythical idea of perfection. It’s more important to get back up and keep going even after a week (or six weeks!) away, but we think we’re “SO BAD” that we don’t give ourselves the grace to keep going. Fight the resistance by being in a group that will forgive you when you fail and welcome you back in at any point throughout the year.

Progress over perfection. You’re human. 



Each month, I’ll send you a short and sweet audio note as a reminder to keep going on your goal — we’ll dig into the soul of what you want and why you’re doing the work, tap into what’s behind fear and resistance, and remind ourselves to keep going when the work gets boring or sluggish (which it will), because every project has the same inevitable arcs and pitfalls. I’ll help you navigate them, encourage you through them, and share stories of my own massive failures to help you keep perspective (and keep going).

Audio notes to listen to anywhere, anytime. 

Most people overestimate what they can do in a day or a week, but underestimate what can be done in a year. 


Curious about how it works? Wondering if you’re a good fit for this program?


Then that’s your project! There are so many people that hold themselves back from making work in the world because they think they need to have an answer or know the full path before they begin.

Newsflash, loves: this is actually procrastination and perfectionism at work.

What you need to begin is a hint of bravery, a dash of courage, and a fuck-ton of support. (This is a recipe I’ve perfected over the years. It’s delicious, and so is my chocolate chip banana bread with baked apple slices. But I digress.)

The first three months, maybe even the first six months, are going to be about WANDERING. Your only objective is to try things out and see what it brings you. You can make a ton of headway in twelve weeks if you decide to do twelve experiments.

Just don’t let “not knowing what you want” prevent you from taking the first step. Because your job is to experiment, play, and try lots of new things to discover the next clue in your life path.


Each month, you’ll fill out your goals and projects on our collective tracker (it’s “just” a spreadsheet, but spreadsheets can be powerful creatures!).

Mid-month, I’ll send you an email asking you to submit a challenge for the hot seats. Your job is to winnow in on where you think you’re the most stuck. What’s not working? What have you tried? Why do you think you’re stuck or stalling?

Sometimes people submit specific questions for tactical advice — they need strategic direction, some wordplay, some narrative insight. Other times we go deep with behavioral puzzles, like WHY can’t i seem to do the thing I keep saying I want to do? Your job is to tell me everything you’ve tried and then show up openly and honestly and we’ll explore, together.

Usually it turns out that multiple people submit similar questions and challenges (we’re not so unique, after all). I read everyone’s and pick the 3 that cover the widest breadth of challenges the group of us are facing in any given month. What i find is that nearly everyone says each of the dedicated hot seats helped them figure something out with their own puzzles and challenges.

Seeing someone work through a challenge unlocks our own inner wisdom and clarity.

Then, at the end, there’s more time for Q/A if you want to ask follow-up questions or get specific on your own business puzzles.


OOOOOH, Yes, I understand this and feel this so hard. There are so many programs out there—self guided, go-at-your-own pace programs. I’ve finished around 30% of the courses I’ve purchased (my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so they say).

But this is not a course. This is dedicated space for you and this group to show up and be where you are. To grow from your base, not through a PDF. 

Self guided stuff is FINE when you need to learn something in a pinch, and when you need skills—I use courses all the time. And I’ve made tons of courses! But having a true community and people who are with you? That’s the magic.

Here’s my truth: I consistently have the most success when I have a community, a calendar commitment I need to make, and a real-life coach who is waiting for me to show up.

You’re going to get specific support BUT—and this is the magic of group coaching that I think is so underrated—you’re going to see behind-the-scenes of what it’s like for other people who are building businesses, making their mark, writing their books, and doing the things. You’ll see how HUMAN everyone is, and how they, too, get stuck, flail, start again, and succeed.

Doing the work immersed in a group month over month will make you feel seen and supported in a way that 1:1 coaching can’t even touch. It’s so important to be in a community along side other people.

“There is something absolutely magical about getting direct support in a group format” — Hillary Weiss


Alright, this is a really good question. Much of the world is under economic stress, psychological stress, and financial stress. This is a hard time for many. I can’t perfectly predict whether something like this will be the right kind of support. What I can tell you are my guidelines:

Financially stressed? Skip it for now.

If you have credit card debt or you’re underwater financially, don’t buy another program. Not mine, not anyone else’s. Focus first on getting your finances in order.

Psychologically or mentally stressed?

If you’re in a dark place mentally or psychologically, spend this money on therapy and counseling support. I’m a huge fan of therapy (LINK), and it’s the first step. Clear mind and emotional support go a long way—do that first. [Finances, mental health, physical health, programs —> that’s generally my order of spending].

Use marketing pressure to serve you, but don’t buy from a place of fear or panic.

Ignore the marketing pressure to buy things on deadlines. More good opportunities will come in good time. You do NOT have to buy anything right now that you don’t need.

I want your purchases to feel amazing and good—and to serve you.

You’ll know because this will feel like the right fit, at the right time.

Here’s the best way to know whether or not this will be a good call for you: Do you feel excited? Ready to start? Nervous in a good way because you want to focus on your work or your project? Those are all signs that it’s the right fit.


The first thing I’ll tell you is that you’re human.

Part of the work of translating dreams to reality is actually trying them out in reality. Fantasy is in our minds, and sometimes when we start down a path we get a TON of information and we realize we’re hiking up the wrong mountain.

That in itself is not a bad thing. We need DATA and feedback from the real world to learn who we are. This group is as much about trying things out as it is about setting big goals and going after them.

Come join us: try new things, experiment to find out what works, and allow yourself to laugh and connect while engaging in the human journey.




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