Credits + Disclaimers

This blog is not primarily financially driven. I started it in 2011 to write and explore ideas. I do, however, occasionally put up links and resources that I enjoy. Some of the links are to Amazon books, where because I recommend a book, I get a few cents per copy purchased if you decide to buy it. I also occasionally vet and screen affiliate programs, and if I share them, I make money from them.

Per all rules by the FTC (which requires bloggers to provide disclosures if there are hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations), I am required to (and will happily) disclose any instance where I may have gained.

As Tim Ferriss says (images used freely from his genius):

“Per the FTC rules, if I interview someone and they grab the bill for lunch, I would need to specify this. Ditto if I use an Amazon link that gets me 8 cents instead of an Amazon link that gets me 0 cents. If someone gives me a comfy t-shirt with a logo and I wear it in a photo, same deal. Disclaimers all over the place.

This would be tedious for me and a continual eye sore for readers. But rules is rules.

To cover my ass and preserve your reading experience, please assume that, for every recommendation, link, and product I use, the following all hold true:”