Join me for a seven-day Instagram Creativity Challenge: create seven posts in seven days (using the prompts below), and everyone who does will win prizes.


If you’ve been here a while, you know I have an annual birthday sale every year. Each year during my birthday, I put a bundle together of courses, classes, books, or other goodies as a treat to share with all of you. I love doing it, and it’s been such a wonderful treat every year.

This year, I’m mixing things up a bit. There’s no course bundle this time. Instead, I’m putting together a challenge, with a huge prize—a chance to win a spot in FOCUS.  This year, every single person who plays along in the challenge will win at least one prize. 

The challenge takes place November 20th—November 27th, 2020. We kick off on a Friday. All of the prompts are listed below, too, so if you’d like to sketch out any of your ideas in advance, you can.

First, let’s talk about the prizes:

  • ONE (1) WINNER will win a complimentary, completely paid for, year-long seat in FOCUS, my monthly accountability group, valued at $1800. 
  • TWO (2) FIRST-RUNNERS-UP will win a 50% scholarship to FOCUS. You can enroll in either six months or a full year of FOCUS at half off the regular price. See below for program fees.
  • THREE (3) SECOND-RUNNERS-UP will win a 25% scholarship to FOCUS. You can enroll in either six months or a full year of FOCUS at 25% off the regular price. See below for program fees.
  • ALL SIX (6!) WINNERS of the competition will also get a complimentary hot seat session with me to share what they are working on and get strategic feedback, coaching, and guidance on their work to kick off the year.

That’s a lot of prizes! We’re talking access to my year-long coaching program, a community of badass makers, plus a fun-filled hot seat session to unlock your inner badass and get cookin’ on your life’s work.

And my current students, you can still play in this challenge, too. Anyone who is currently in the program is also welcome to participate in the challenge. If you’re a prize winner, you can add your prizes on top of your current program.

But wait, there’s more! 

A PRIZE FOR EVERY ONE WHO PLAYS — Every single person who joins the challenge and completes every step will get complementary access to Going Inwards, a 14-day course experience to help you reflect and renew over the Holidays, valued at $99. This course was previously the “Grace and Gratitude” workshop that ran for several years and has inspired people to reconnect, reflect, and renew. 

That’s right! Just by playing in the challenge, you get a prize. I’m feeling a lot of love this year, and I want to give it back. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me every year.

So, do you want to know how to play the creativity challenge? 

How it works: a storytelling + creativity challenge to meet people and get more visible on Instagram

This entire challenge will take place on Instagram this year. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to join me in writing seven posts over seven days to share your work, your ideas, and your self with the world. Don’t worry—I’ll help you do it with prompts and samples, too.

So many people write to me and tell me that they want to share their work with the world and don’t know where to start (or what to say).

It’s my goal with this challenge to help you do a miniature visibility project and give you massive incentives so you can play, stretch yourself just past your comfort zone, and meet new people along the way. I love meeting new people and finding new stories, and this year has been extra-hard in meeting new people! So come play, post, and meet new people doing the challenge with you.

I’ll give you a prompt each and every day for seven days. You’ll use the prompt to write a new post every day for seven days alongside everyone else who is playing.

You’ll use the hashtags #2020creativitychallenge and #getfocused in each post, and make sure to tag me @sarahkpeck so I can see everything you’re making.

Follow the hashtags, and you’ll see other people playing alongside you. Throughout, you can comment, cheer, and connect with them too! The game is super fun, because you get to meet other people, you’ll push yourself for a week to create new posts, and I’ll kick us off with what to post each day. 

Five steps to participate in the challenge:

  1. Sign up for the challenge here (you’ll get a daily reminder to write a post when you sign up for this specific challenge). In this special email series, I’ll also teach you some Instagram tricks.
  2. Submit an application to FOCUS to be eligible for the prizes.
  3. Follow me @sarahkpeck on Instagram and then also follow the hashtags #2020creativitychallenge and #getfocused.
  4. Share this post and tell people you’re joining in the challenge!
  5. Create seven posts in seven days, starting Friday, Nov 20th, 2020. You can plan them in advance, if you’d like—scroll down for a peek at the prompts.

The Creativity Challenge: Seven days, seven prompts. We start Friday, Nov 20th and go until Thursday, Nov 27th

First, share the challenge!
Any day you want to!

Grab this post (copy the images from this post or download them here) and share that you’re joining the challenge. Feel free to copy and paste this as a quote if you’d like: 

I’m joining @sarahkpeck’s #2020creativitychallenge to create seven posts in seven days, starting November 20th. Come join and get to find and follow new creative makers and kind people on Instagram with me!  #GetFocused #2020CreativityChallenge 

DAY 1: Introductions
Friday, Nov 20th

What’s your story? Introduce yourself and show us your face (if you’re comfortable giving a selfie), and tell us about where you’re from, what you do, and what some of your career, work, or creative journey has been like. I love starting the post like this:

Hey everyone! I haven’t introduced myself in a while, so I thought I’d say hi and share a little about what I’m up to. I’m currently living in [TOWN] with [PEOPLE] and I’ve been here for [A NUMBER OF YEARS]. Most of my focus goes to my day job, which is [DESCRIPTION]. I also love spending time [HOBBIES]. Fun fact, if you didn’t know [SOMETHING THAT’S NOT OBVIOUS ABOUT YOU RIGHT AWAY] #FridayIntroductions #2020CreativityChallenge  #GetFocused 

DAY 2: Hobbies + Joy
Saturday, Nov 21st

What’s something you love doing for fun? What are some of your hobbies or pleasure activities? Give us a glimpse into something you love doing for fun. For me, I love making the foam stack high on top of my cappucino; I also adore reading books and playing with wooden trains. #hobbiesareimportant  #2020CreativityChallenge  #GetFocused 

DAY 3: Sunday Mornings
Sunday, Nov 22nd

Tell us about a day in the life, and how you start your morning. Do you have a morning routine that you love? Are mornings chaos? Do you have pets, partners, animals, or neighbors that affect your mornings? Do you rise early or late? Bleary-eyed or ready to go? Tell us about your mornings. #SundaySelfie #SundayInspiration #2020CreativityChallenge #GetFocused

DAY 4: Monday Motivations
Monday, Nov 23rd

What motivates you, if anything? How do you keep yourself going, rising, at it? Tell us about the reasons you stay motivated, or the practices that influence your inner sense of drive. #MondayMotivation #2020CreativityChallenge #GetFocused 

DAY 5: Quotes To Live By
Tuesday, Nov 24th

What words send shivers of recognition across your body? Whose quotes and lives do you follow? What authors have created meaningful visions, poems, essays, or quotes that you hold dear? Share one of your favorite quotes with all of us.  #TuesdayQuotes #2020CreativityChallenge #GetFocused 

DAY 6: Show Your Work
Wednesday, Nov 25th

Today, I’d like you to share a professional or personal accomplishment you’re proud of. The majority of people don’t know what you don’t tell them, and they want to know what inspires you and what you’ve made. Tell us! Show us something you’ve done and why you’re proud of it. We want to cheer you on. #WednesdayWisdom #IMadeThis #2020CreativityChallenge #GetFocused 

DAY 7: Gratitude
Thursday, Nov 26th

Tell us something you’re grateful for in your life. Where does your gratitude show up? Who, what, why are you grateful? Give us a glimpse on this beautiful Thanksgiving day. #thankfulness #thankfulthursday #2020CreativityChallenge #GetFocused


Ready to get started? Head over here to sign up and get ready to make some creative posts on Friday!