This edition of the Four Things newsletter is devoted to podcasts—specifically, podcasts that are relevant right now and providing excellent storytelling and listening for what’s going on, and how to deal. Thanks everyone who already subscribed and rated my new podcast! If you’re looking for my show, search “Let’s Talk with Sarah K Peck” and it’ll show up on AppleSpotifyOvercastAnchor, and more. If you’ve got a minute to leave a review, thank you!



Unlocking Us, by Brené Brown

Brené Brown is here to guide us back to our emotions, our vulnerability, and our connection. The first few episodes were so spot-on I’m going to listen to them multiple times: David Kessler on grief and meaning, Brené on over-and under-functioning during a crisis, and also on the way comparative joy (or grief) robs us of empathy and connection. Yes to all of this.



Together Apart

Priya Parker wrote the book on gathering, and how we spend our days and our time together. Her book was crucial for me in developing and designing many of my online and virtual programs—and now she’s here with a new podcast about how we gather, make meaning, and make rituals in a time of physical distancing.


Sugar Calling

If you, like me, listened to nearly every episode of Dear Sugars, and then cried when the show came to a close, then it’s time to celebrate because Cheryl Strayed is back with Sugar Calling. Definitely listen to the episode where she talks with Margaret Atwood called “Roll Up Your Sleeves, Girls.”


Recode Decode

If you like tech, news, Silicon Valley, startups, and also hearing someone smart deconstruct what’s going on in the startup world from a more human standpoint, Kara Swisher talks fast, explains quickly, and makes sense of this fast-moving world. I love this podcast and have been binging on it lately.


I’ve had my hands full lately with the two podcasts (Let’s Talk and Startup Pregnant), our online communities, and the two kiddos at home. This is madness, and we’ll make our way through a bit at a time.

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