For many of us, the last week has been somewhat chaotic and mad—maybe more than the last week.

This episode was recorded on Saturday, March 21st 2020 in New York City in the midst of the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic happening around the world. But that’s not the focus of the episode—the point of this short moment is to breathe, together.

I’ll walk you through one of my favorite practices that I use when I’m tired, anxious, or stressed. It’s a pattern of breath called 4-7-8, shared by Dr. Andrew Weil, that can help reduce stress, tension, and anxiety.

Don’t forget to exhale through all of this. If you’re tired, scared, stressed, overworked, or feeling all the feelings, this episode is for every one of us. It’s a short method to help catch your breath, tap into your body, and exhale away some of the tension.

Please note: if you’re currently pregnant or think you might be, be mindful to do the breath work without the retention (holding), and tune into your body as you do it to see how it feels for you.

Let’s Talk: Episode 05