Sometimes I need to talk things out, be imperfect, and talk honestly about the reality of life. Join me on my new podcast, Let’s Talk: with Sarah K Peck as I talk about what’s going on around us and try to figure things out—or not.

This is a podcast about taking a closer look at how things work, finding unexpected solutions even when things are challenging, and learning how to be a little kinder to ourselves along the way. I’m Sarah K Peck, a writer and business owner based in New York City and I’ve spent 15+ years studying how people work and how cities work. If you enjoy talking business, psychology, and human behavior and you’re not afraid of shying away from the big questions, join me. We’ll figure things out together.

Now, we are in the middle of some mighty world chaos at the moment—the coronavirus pandemic, to be exact—so that’s where we’ll start. My kids are at home with me, we’re in self-isolation, and we’re trying to figure out the madness and exhaustion of our new working parenting lives.

There’s no obligation for this to be anything other than “Hey, it’s Monday and my kids are shouting in the background and they want to know, what happens when we die? Okay, the end.”

Let’s talk.

Here’s the opening episode.