The 2020 cycle of B-School, Marie Forleo’s bestselling online program to teach you the fundamentals of profit, marketing, and clarity in your business, is now open for enrollment!

If you are thinking about joining B-School this year and you’ve been wanting to connect and work with me, read on. I’m offering a private coaching cohort for folks as part of my Marie Forleo B-School Bonus. If you want to take B-School together with me and a private group of awesome badasses, read on and be sure to sign up using my link:

Marie Forleo B-School — with Sarah K Peck’s bonuses.

Don’t know what B-School is? Check out these posts first:

Important dates and details — B-School registration is only offered once per year.

Here’s a high-level summary for those brand new to B-School:

B-School is a six week online program with video tutorials, written materials, worksheets, and live Q/A calls hosted by Marie Forleo.

Marie Forleo is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, innovator, and entrepreneur. She’s been on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and helped coach entrepreneurs with Richard Branson, among many other things. Her work is impeccable, and her trainings have been a huge support to me in growing my own businesses.

Registration for B-School opens February 13 and closes February 28th, 2020. The program is offered once per year, and runs from March through April (8 weeks) every year. This is the eleventh year of the program. 55,000 people have taken the program so far.

The program costs $2,000, but is far more valuable than this (in my opinion). Make sure you’re in the right place and time in your work and business to join, but remember—you get access to all of the materials year over year, and you can take B-School again each year (I do!). There is also a payment plan available.

If you’re curious to see what her video style, tutorials, and program are like, take the free online training series first and get to know the way she teaches. This is a great way to sample her program and see what she has to offer.

I am a proud affiliate for the program, which means I get paid if you purchase through my link. I also offer a bonus for anyone that wants to join B-School and joins through my link—that’s what this page is all about. Read on to see what my bonuses are and why I’m so excited to work with people who join B-School this year.

This year, I’m hosting a 10-month accountability group for people who want to take action on their dreams + stay accountable to the big work.

My 2020 Accountability Program is a monthly meet-up to check in on your progress, stay accountable to each other, and track your work each month throughout the rest of the year. We meet on the First Friday of every month for a virtual Zoom call to check-in and see how your work is going, what’s stuck, and what to celebrate.

If this is the right year for you do dig into B-School, I’d love to work with you. This program is perfect for people who want to learn the fundamentals of online business, take their side-hustle to the next level, gain visibility and traction, and get clear on a marketing plan to expand their business.

In 2018, I took B-School while I was pregnant with my second kid and raising a toddler at home.

I watched the videos and the courses while I was working on building out the foundation of Startup Pregnant, my company. This company is focused on telling new stories of motherhood and expanding the dialogue around what it looks like to be a working parent. Today, we have 150 episodes of a podcast, a weekly newsletter, an online community mastermind, a private Facebook group with 600+ parents and entrepreneurs, and four mini-books for working and expecting parent.

When I thought about becoming a parter with Marie Forleo and about all that B-School helped me with during the first year of building Startup Pregnant, I thought a lot about how I was able to use the program and what helps me learn.

To be honest, the most important thing I recommend is that you don’t try to finish the program in six weeks.

The material covered is like taking a year-long masters’ program, it’s that good. So my biggest recommendation is to try to do one module per month, and then take action on what you learn and implement it in your business.

I was pregnant, tired, and had a toddler home. So I didn’t try to race to complete the course in the first eight weeks. Instead, I exhaled, let go of the course timeline, and spread the courses out over a year to dig into and do super slowly. I listened to one video each week, and I set my pace at one module per month. Because being pregnant and running a company and chasing after toddlers can be exhausting!

One of the things that is the most phenomenal part of the program (you can read my full review here) is that there isn’t any wasted time or content. You don’t have to watch hour-long videos and try to find the golden nuggets. Each video is six to twelve minutes, and you watch them and gain a LOT from each one. I watched one or two per week.

If you’re in the ‘busy’ camp and you don’t know how to fit a program like B-School into your life, but you think it could support you, my bonuses are designed for people who want to take the slower train and stay like the tortoise, slow and steady, and do the course on your own terms.

And if you’ve got the time to go full-throttle, you can also go through all of the content in the first 8 weeks and then circle back and stay with the coaching cohort throughout 2020. I will be taking B-School again this year because each time I go through the course I get more out of it.

Who am I and should we work together?

I am an entrepreneur, a parent, a founder, and a writer. Chances are if you’re here on my blog, you’ve been around for a while and you know who I am, but if we haven’t met yet, I’m the founder and executive director of Startup Pregnant, I’m a writer, and I’m a startup advisor. I’m also the mom to two young boys, I live in New York City, and I teach yoga at our local yoga studio.

I’ve been in the startup scene for over a decade, and projects I’ve worked on have been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and more than 100 different publications around the web. I’ve worked with startup CEOs, Y-Combinator backed companies, and with people at Samsung, Apple, Google, and Amazon, as well as with one of the founding Presidential Innovation Fellows of the U.S. White House.

My sweet spot is helping people find their voice, teaching people authentic ways of connecting with others, and helping people understand the psychological and structural challenges of the early days of business building.

Why am I offering B-School bonus this year?

I love working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and people with vision get visible, get clear, and stay the course. Building your work in the world is not easy, and finding your tribe and support team can make all the different.

Businesses aren’t built in a day: they take time, often 5-7 years, before they really start to gain traction and momentum. It’s not the business itself that holds people back: it’s their inner world, it’s staying the course when things get tough, and it’s committing to the work for long enough that it really starts to make a difference.

That’s why I was so excited to become a partner with Marie and why I’m offering a bonus that supports you for an entire year when you sign up to take a program like B-School. Don’t make the mistake of thinking everything will change in eight weeks just because you pushed “purchase.” We have to get in it, together, supporting each other through it, and committing to work and to action.

You’ve got this. And I want to create a space to support you through this.

My 2020 Marie Forleo B-School Bonuses: All the details and how to sign up.

Join me and a private group of people doing B-School together and go through the course together at a slower pace to integrate the material. If you join B-School using my 2020 link, you’ll get the following bonuses (and we get to work together this year):

Bonus #1: A private accountability cohort for 2020 with 10 live calls to stay accountable, make progress, and ask me any questions you have about your business.

First Friday, every month through November. 

$879 Value.

We’ll have regular calls to check-in on your progress. One of the ways that I was successful in taking B-School last year was by creating my own calendar that worked for my own timetable. B-School starts on March 2nd and runs for 8 weeks. If you join the 8-week train but fall off at any point (because life happens), you can pick-up again with me on the First Friday calls happening every month through November.

The calls are on the first Friday of every month at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern and are recorded. You can submit questions in advance for any call that you cannot make.

Long after the doors of B-School close, we’ll have these monthly meet-ups with our private cohort to study, dissect, and build. What I found in doing B-School last year was that I needed at least four weeks after each module so that I could brainstorm, strategize, and implement each section and build it before moving to the next module.

B-School can get totally overwhelming with thousands of people in there. I will encourage you to go in and leave comments so you can meet new faces, but it’s important to have a smaller group of people to keep up with so you can keep going.

With my bonus, you can join my much smaller, intimate community of fellow business builders and ask questions to each other, support each other’s progress, and meet new internet friends and colleagues. This will be a space for us to talk about your businesses, support each other through the program, and connect directly to each other.

Bonus #2: A 10-part series on goal setting, making progress, and sticking to your big dreams.

On-demand, access for the lifetime of the program.

$99 value.

This year, I recorded a 10-part video series on how to approach the year ahead to make the most of it. In the series, I teach you:


  • My approach to the year ahead.
  • How to pick your number one goal for the year.
  • What anti-goals are and why they matter.
  • How to break down your goal into small enough pieces to make success easier.
  • Why white space is important, and designing for rest and nuance matters.
  • How to stay kind and compassionate with yourself.
  • How to treat this like an experiment, and the mindset you need to stick to your goals.
  • What to do when it gets uncomfortable (because that’s a normal part of growth).
  • The fundamentals of habit change that you can use to your advantage.

Bonus #3: Audio love notes from me each month to help you keep going.

Short, sweet, little audio notes you can listen to anytime you get stuck—anywhere, anytime you need.

$49 value.

The hardest part about making change isn’t the beginning or the end—it’s that mucky middle, when everything starts to get a little swirly and overwhelming. By breaking it down into monthly goals, and making it small enough, you might be surprised by how much you can accomplish this year.

I’ll send you a short audio note mid-month throughout the rest of the year to check-in and encourage you. From understanding how to use positive affirmations, to breaking down how perfectionism can grab hold of us, I’ll share stories and reminders to help keep you on track.

Bonus #4: The Year In Review Course

Take time to get clear on your year ahead by reflecting on the year before—use my guided process to reflect, review, and renew.

$197 value.

Every year, I do an annual review and I am stunned by how much clarity and gold it gives me. Taking a little time to reflect on what’s happened, and plan where I’m going? It’s priceless. Join me for this 90 minute workshop to make sense of the year you just had, clear your mind of extra clutter, and find freedom and space in your calendar for next year.

I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, how I do it. The process of reflection and review is instrumental—through a single hour of reflection, you can gain clarity, insight, and wisdom to dramatically shift the year ahead.

Bonus #5: The Get What You Want Course

Like working with me 1:1 — this course is about figuring out what you want, getting clear, and using the clarity to change the world around you. Seriously.

$497 value.

Most people don’t know what they want. I can help you with that. This course is perhaps better than a 1:1 coaching session with me (that’s how proud of it I am). Reviewers have been sending high praise—take a look at the testimonials. 

In this course, I’ll walk you through how to get clear on what you want, and the psychology and strategies behind getting what you want. Yes, I teach about manifestation, priming, and the psychology behind why getting super clear on your goals and dreams is really effective for making progress. 

Bonus #6: Writing Talk: The Private Podcast

Access to the private podcast where I interview writers and creatives like Paul Jarvis, Jenny Blake, Chris Guillebeau, Julien Smith, MeiMei Fox, and more.

$99 value.

As a complement to my writing programs, I’ve interviewed some fascinating and incredible writers in today’s publishing landscape. This collection of interviews goes deep with New York Times bestselling ghostwriters, multi-time authors, bloggers, and publishers. Enjoy this private podcast as a bonus for this year’s B-School group.

Bonus #7: Ask Sarah — The Private Podcast

Lifetime access to the Ask Sarah Podcast, a private podcast for Patreon backers. Normally $7/month — you’ll get access to every episode published.

Want to ask me a question about your business, life, or current work challenges? Each month I record a private podcast to answer any and all of YOUR questions. I’ll be recording a bonus episode for my B-School group this year, plus you’ll get access to the back catalog of all the episodes so far (six and counting!). We’ve talked about marketing, content marketing, family, how many children to have, sleep, rest and recovery, and designing and facilitating big programs. You’ll get access to every episode.

Bonus #8: Streamline Your Business — My Mini-book

Grab a complementary copy of my latest mini-book to help you streamline and simplify your business. Last Fall, I wrote a book all about getting clear on your business priorities and simplifying your workload. It’s a 3-step process that’s been so incredibly useful to me and so many others.

$16 value.


This is the bonus for all of my parents, side-hustlers, and people who need more sanity in their lives.

If you don’t have all day, every day to dedicate to B-School, you can do what I did last year and go at your own pace and still get a tremendous amount out of it. That’s what my bonus is all about. Take what you need, don’t get overwhelmed, and commit to this for the year, not just for eight weeks.

Want these B-School Bonuses? Want to sign up for B-School?

In order to get these bonuses, you’ll have to click here to purchase B-School this year, and you need to sign up for B-School before it closes for the year. B-School only comes once per year, so be sure to make a wise decision for you and your 2020 goals. If it’s right for you, I look forward to being your coach and mentor this year in our private call series.

When will you receive access to your bonuses?

Enrollment for B-School is open through February 28th, 2020. B-School starts on March 2, 2020. We should have you enrolled in all of the bonuses on this page within two weeks of starting B-School—by March 16th, 2020.

Also, I want to put this clearly on every single page: I’m sure you know by now that I’m an affiliate partner with Marie, and the reason I’m offering this bonus is because when people sign up using my link, yes, I get paid! That’s part of the fun of all of this. Make work that matters, have fun doing it, and sell it to the people who want it. That’s the goal. Hope you sign up if it’s right for you.