2019 Reading List

I’m going to track all the books I read this year on this page. I did this in 2017 and 2018, and recording what I read has improved the quality, breadth and number of books I read, which inspires me to keep doing it. If you’re curious, you can read more about why I track the books I read, how to decide what book to read next, and how to finish a book. To see what books I’m currently reading in 2019, scroll down the page. I’ll update my book progress monthly.

2019 goals: read 36 books, read at least 50% books by women, read at least 50% books by people of color.


Hunger, by Roxane Gay.

How Long ’til Black Future Month? by N. K. Jemisin

Eloquent Rage, by Brittney Cooper

Dare To Lead, by Brene Brown

Overcoming Underearning, by Barbara Stanney

Best Articles: How Long Until Black Future Month, I Wore A Continuous Glucose Monitor,