My Mastermind & Mentoring program will return this Fall. You must apply by August 18th to be considered for the early decision deadline. The latest possible day to apply is September 5th if you’d like to be in the Fall cohort.

Apply by August 18th for the early decision deadline.

We’ll work together from Sept 18th —January 12th, 2018.  The program is a little more than 3 months long and requires a dedication to expanding yourself, your business, and your mind. It costs $3500.00

The pilot program of the virtual mastermind launched in the Fall of 2016, with a group of incredible people, including a social impact CEO, a PhD poet, an independent architect, a global nomad, a google software engineer, and more. To date, I’ve hosted five different groups of ambitious, extraordinary people: authors, technologists, startup co-founders, and young entrepreneurs in the process of personal transformation.

If you’re at a time in your life when dedicated focus and an outside advisory board will help you level up to the next level in your personal and professional life, I strongly encourage you to apply.

Fill our your application for the Mastermind here.

Early decision applications are due by August 18th, and I’ll be begin interviewing candidates August 22nd. The very last deadline to apply is September 5th. 

Here’s what a few people have written and said about the program:

“My biggest “A-ha” moment was that we need others. None of us can do it alone. It made me realize how much of a bubble I’ve been living in. I knew the Mastermind was what I needed, but I had no idea how fulfilling it would be.” — Shannon Callarman, Content Director at Red Caffeine Marketing & Technology

“This mastermind is a group of people with diverse, dynamic skills and experiences who come together with a shared investment in digging in deep to goals, ideas and ways to be even better at what we do. It is a structured with workshops, one-on-ones, journaling, calls, meet-ups, rituals and exercises that will help you think bigger, inspire you to reach out for help and consider new ways of being and doing that are YOU x 1000.”— Jessica Ashley, Content Strategist and Creator, Founder of Single Mom Nation

“If you can come to the group with even a vague description of what you’re struggling with or where you want to get to, the group will help you get to the root of your goals and break down that problem into tangible pieces. Once made conscious, you can then work systematically to tackle these various pieces and make serious progress towards achieving your goals.”— Patrick, Robotics and Engineering Consultant

Who is it for?

“I loved the diversity of people who shared the same values of motivation, growth and learning. It totally exceeded my expectations! This is a structured Mastermind with the opportunity to meet other high-quality, motivated people, dig deep into your questions via deep dives and make progress on your goals.” — Diana Jaunzeikare, Software Engineer, Google

“With two very young kids, I came into the Mastermind knowing that spending time with family was a top priority for me, but uncertain how to balance this desire with my love for tech startups and being part of big things. The biggest “aha” moment occurred when I took an objective look at my schedule and figured out how much I can work without sacrificing other aspects of my life. Given this framework of thoughts and constraints, I could then look to design a career that I’m passionate with inherent firewalls to protect against overwork.” — Patrick, Robotics and Engineering Consultant

“The experience of going through the mastermind with you and our crew was incredible. It left me feeling inspired, supported, poised, and empowered to take action to make my dream of running my own business a reality! I learned concrete tools and ideas from you and my peers in the group and felt truly held and heard in all of our interactions. Thank you for creating this space for our group to gather.” — Gretchen, Senior Planner, San Francisco

“The Mastermind is perfect for highly driven individuals looking to build a trustworthy and dependable tribe to help them move forward. It’s for the type of person who not only is willing to ask for help, but also willing to show up and be there for others 100%. The Mastermind is perfect for both introverts and extroverts — the only requirement is deep curiosity.”— Shannon Callarman, Content Director at Red Caffeine Marketing & Technology

“This mastermind is perfect for seekers, for people who work for themselves or have their own businesses, or who feel called to break away from the pack. It is perfect for those who have personal or professional ideas that feel exciting but overwhelming, or who crave community and accountability, who need some structure and support in making something amazing come to life.” — Jessica Ashley, Content Strategist and Creator, Founder of Single Mom Nation

Not sure yet but curious about what it is?

I have a series of emails explaining how it works. Get the free Mastermind email series here. But don’t forget to apply if you’re genuinely interested in the program.