This Spring, I’m working my way through the Writer’s Workshop and giving the course a facelift. I can’t believe it’s already been four years since we launched the first round of the course. (In fact, some nostalgic trivia: I still know the names and faces of each of the people in the course and love watching their work evolve and grow to this date.)

I’m looking for a bit of help proofreading and reviewing the course and I’m searching for 2 great editors and proofreaders:

If you’re interested in getting complimentary access to the course in exchange for doing some proofreading, please let me know right away by filling out this form:

Sign up to be a proofreader of The Writer’s Workshop

I’ll be reaching out to people this week, on or before Wednesday, March 15th, 2017.

What the project includes:

  • Get a complimentary login to The Writer’s Workshop
  • Read through the 8 lessons, watch the 4 videos, listen to the 6 interviews, and do each of the exercises as in-depth as you’d like.
  • Review each exercise for typos or time-stamp or context errors (if I reference a past year, for example, we’d update that).
  • Review the email series (approximately 20 emails) for the same.

Note: the course normally takes 2-4 hours per week over 8 weeks to complete, and I’d like you to complete it faster than this. You should be available before March 31st to have approximately 12-16 hours to read and review the course and watch the videos.

And for two people that would like to sign up to do this, I’ll also host an hour-long private writing chat with me about any topic of your choosing and chat about any questions you might have about your own writing practice.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Sign up if you’re interested here.