2017 Spring Mastermind Accepting Applications

I’ve opened up the applications for my upcoming Spring Mastermind + Mentoring Program starting in March. I curate a highly talented group of brilliant, creative individuals to come together for 14 weeks to elevate your business, work, and life.

This Thursday: Free Info Session About the Mastermind

Curious about the program and want to know more about what’s in a Mastermind? Join me this Thursday, February 23rd at 1:00PM Eastern for a Free Info Session and an inside look at what the program includes, how it works, and what to expect.

Sign up here:

An Inside Look at My Mastermind + Mentoring Program 
Thursday, February 23rd — 1:00PM Eastern

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The free webinar will be recorded if you can’t make it at that time. You do still have to register to get the recording.

In the info session, I’ll chat about:

  • Why mastermind groups are so powerful
  • How the mastermind is structured & the components of the program
  • What I learned from the pilot program I ran last Fall
  • What I look for in an application and how I put the group together
  • Lessons I learned from my pilot program last Fall and how I’ve updated the program to be even richer + more impactful this Spring.

I’ll also have time for Q/A and can share case studies of what’s happened in the past so you get a feel for what it’s like.

See you on Thursday!