There are a few wonderful opportunities coming up if you’re interested in learning visual thinking, drawing, or programming.

Think Clearly: Bootcamp

July 30th in London; plus more dates/cities.

Learn how to represent yourself on paper, articulate your ideas in visual sketches, and master a pen and paper. Taught by my friend and co-mentor Mathias Jakobsen (he and I regularly mastermind together and I cannot say enough about how sharp his mind is and how wonderful of a human being he is). If you’re in London, NYC, Zurich, Bern, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, or Amsterdam, check out the course. $300-$600 depending on the dates. Full-day workshop. Go, meet people, learn to draw, and be transformed.

Introduction to Programming

Starts August 1st. Virtual/Anywhere.

This is one of the courses that brought me to One Month in the first place (this is the startup where I work, aka my day job!). Taught by the thoughtful and creative Chris Castiglione, he’ll show you how programming is actually like being an artist, and work you into the world of programming even if you have absolutely no experience whatsoever. His students rave about this course and it’s sold out consistently for years. He’s teaching a “live” digital version of the course, so you can take it from anywhere around the world during the month of August. $199 for members, $299 for non-members.

Become a Python Developer in 30 Days

Starts August 15th. Virtual/Anywhere.

Taught by Mattan Griffel, CEO and co-founder of One Month, if you’re itching to dig into one of the funnest programming languages there is, try One Month Python. Not only is Mattan hilarious and relatable, he also taught the best-selling “One Month Rails” and made programming easy to understand (and do!) for thousands and thousands of students. Python is the programming language that my husband geeks out on, and every day I have to pry him away from his coding books and remind him that sleep, too, is important. (I’ve even caught him reading out loud from his book, Automate the Boring Stuff With Python, to our newborn baby… so, yeah.) And a small confession: Alex also reviewed the syllabus for this course, so you definitely have several geeky hands on the syllabus and this promises to be a fun course. $199 for members, $299 for non-members.