A Little Note on Letting Go

Clean rain.

Clear your plate.

Let go of things that don’t serve you. That don’t inspire you. Give up things that aren’t working.


Let out a deep sigh. Pause.

Inhale. Exhale.

Take a shower. Dunk in a waterfall. Wash it clean, letting water drip down around you, pour over your head. Feel the world rinse you off, like a fresh Spring rainfall sweeping the winter grime off of the sidewalks and into the gutters. Visualize the matter that you’re hanging on to washing down around your body, swirling in the drain, running down the gutter. Pour it out.

Wipe the slate clear. Clean your desk. Organize your pen box. Throw out all the dry ones. While you’re at it, get rid of all the ones you don’t like, because you don’t like them. Revel in the satisfaction of a pen that works just the way you want it to.

Sweep off all the old magazines that you “should” read and take that pile of reading that’s weighing you down and put them back on the shelves. No need to burden yourself with more left unfinished.

Finish something, quickly. Or better yet, get rid of it altogether. Say no to projects that don’t serve you, and strike up the courage to say no to things you said yes to—but deep down, you don’t want to do. Say no right away, rather than waiting until later to cancel.[tweetable hashtag=”#no #decisions #power @sarahkpeck”] Because you don’t want to is enough of a reason.[/tweetable]

Say no to things that come up unexpectedly, unless they release, inspire, and lift your soul. [tweetable hashtag=”#yes #letgo #delight @sarahkpeck”]Say yes to things that delight.[/tweetable] Remember what fun feels like. Giggle inside your house on the couch with markers and notebooks if that’s what does it for you.

Make space for you. For you to breathe, to dance, to play, to relax.

Make an orgasm happen, and relish in the aftermath by sinking into the pillows. Satisfy yourself.

Sweat it out. Burn it off.

Let go. Clear up. Spring Clean.

It’s okay to rest. It’s okay to let go. It’s okay to release.

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10 Responses to A Little Note on Letting Go

  1. As a person who feels like he needs to be on the go all the time, thanks for this.

    As a person who feels like accomplishments need to happen every day, thanks for this.

    As a person who feels the desire to live an authentic life, thanks for this.

  2. Brianna says:

    All of this. Question for ya: how do you get those tweet links?

    • Sarah says:

      A couple of different ways! There’s a site called Click to Tweet that you can use, or you can install code and write in [Tweetable] and [/Tweetable] around what you want to tweet (requires a font installation as well if you’re using a wordpress site).

  3. Yes, I love letting go of projects and tasks that will not serve me in any meaningful way. Work can pile up fast and it becomes overbearing. Taking a step back and evaluating each task is so beneficial. I realize what is important and what is not. Anything that is not important goes, which makes the meaningful projects easier to manage.

  4. […] It’s okay to rest, to let go and to release. […]

  5. Franchesca says:

    This is SO good. I hopped over from Brian’s blog, and this is where I am – have been actually – for the past year or so. Learning to let go, release, say no (hard at times) and start new. Thank you for this post. I could totally relate.

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks so much for being here, Franchesca! It’s such a tremendous challenge, and not an easy one. Sometimes I think just the processes of writing and contemplating are where we will be for several months (or years). The process takes time.

  6. Sarah, I came upon your blog by chance. Looking for an answer about feeling sooooo stuck recently. I love your simple posts. I’ve not been able to blog recently and I see part if the problem is I’m making it sooooo complicated. Thank you for putting simplicity and authenticity back in their rightful space. Methinks I’ll be reaching out to ‘Create What’s Next’

  7. Ramona says:

    Uhhh how I love this! I just recently had a personal fundraising project I needed to let go of (well, at least for now) because it wasn’t working and felt more like a burden than an exciting challenge!
    But boy was it hard for me to admit that I need to let go, even though I WAS THE ONE who came up with the whole idea.
    All we need to do is to realise that WE are the ones who set our own rules. If we feel imprisoned by our projects, we are the only ones who can set ourselves free again.
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder Sarah!