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Heads up: today is the LAST DAY to register for the Writing Workshop. It is also the LAST DAY to save $200 by registering for both the Writing Workshop AND the Content Strategy course. Join us now. Still need a reason? Here are a few: 

10 reasons to sign up for the Winter Writer’s Workshop:

1: You’re going to write a novel this year, whether you like it or not. The average person writes at least 50,000 words in email alone each year. Why not learn how to make those words count?

2: The $200 discount ends today. Poof. Disappears.

3: Many people spend far more than $500 each month on things that they just throw away  — this is a chance to invest it in yourself, your mind, and your ability to share your story clearly.

4: You’ll get a beautiful e-book with enough content in it to last you for the next six monthsplus another short manifesto I’m secretly working on. Yup, all yours. And you’ll get emails that look a little bit like this:

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And you’ll get to read things in books like this:

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5: When you sign up with this link, too, you help my amazing teaching assistant get paid bonuses (She gets a commission). Kerri approached me about working together just at the exact moment my frazzled self was wondering how, exactly, I could find someone to help me with this class.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 2.14.29 PM6: You’ll get to see me do goofy things in videos like this one (click the image to take a sneak peak at our welcome video).

7: There are audio interviews you definitely won’t want to miss. (A best-selling author with ABC on his one-month writing strategy; an incredibly prolific author and traveler; a Huffington Post blogger and storyteller; a performance artist and stage presence!)–these are all bonus materials for you to scoop up on the weekend or whenever you’d like.

8: When every single piece of content you write tells your story–from your biography to your online narrative, to the job application you just submitted, to the dating profile you’re sneaking up on a few websites–what you say matters. Those tell the story of you. How do you sound? Did you have anyone check it or look at it to see if you’re coming across as amazing as you are?

9: Because beyond the material, this class is about interaction. It’s about meeting new friends, it’s about joining a growing community of writers that get to chat with each other privately and share their work, and it’s even about letting some of those online interactions turn into real-life connections. (In my first class, two of the students lived in the same town, and ended up grabbing coffee together during the course!)

10: Because writing well is, well, everything. We won’t just write, we’ll collaborate. We’ll discuss, we’ll talk, we’ll share, we’ll convene. Ideas will wander, blogs will be swapped, we’ll giggle. You’ll get to keep your resources, post your updates, share your stories.

Join us, here. Today’s the last day to sign up. 



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