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Want to improve your writing? Want to join a community of talented creatives interested in improving your storytelling and writing skills? Maybe you’re itching to hone your chops and get back into a learning setting again this Fall.

For all the aspiring creatives and writers out there: join me as we gather together this Fall with a small group of writers together to write, share, create, and learn together.

Registration for the Fall Writer’s Workshop is now open.
The course is Monday, Sept 16th — Friday, Oct 11th. 

Stories and writing are more than fictional indulgences; they are the tools we use to shape our thoughts, our minds, and our ideas. We use words to share ideas and to communicate messages, and the better we get at writing the better we can be at anything–jobs, careers, relationships, or creating art to put into the world.

I hear from so many folks that want to write, but haven’t started yet–or don’t know where to start. Individuals with a developing writing craft who want to get better at storytelling, narrative, and online writing. People who have been writing for a while–and are ready to share their work with other people.

About the course:

The course is a four-week digital class for writers and aspiring writers to learn about writing, storytelling, imagination, and persuasion. You’ll get to practice your craft, learn new writing tips and tactics, get direct feedback on your writing, and meet other people in a small-group format.

You’ll learn tips for crafting great blog posts, writing compelling copy, the art of shaping a story, and how to use words to persuade audiences.

Beyond tactical skills–of which there are many that I share during our four weeks together–this course is also an opportunity for connection, introspection, and to learn more about developing and shaping your voice as a writer. For me, writing is as much about listening, observing, and discovering as it is taking ideas and crafting them into paragraphs.

Writing is a skill that everyone can improve–every person, every professional, every relationship, every job benefits from better communication.

When you hone your ability to explain who you are and what you want, you drastically increase your odds of getting what you want.

What you say matters.

Writing well is critical.

I believe that one of the greatest gifts we have are the stories we share. Who we are, what we do, how we talk about who we are, and how we connect with others are the essential building blocks of our business relationships, our friendships, and our personal relationships.

“Writing is essential to our creative self, our soul: write to learn and to live.” – (Tweet this)

What you’ll learn:

  • The power of great storytelling, and how to improve your storytelling.
  • Narrative Arc, storytelling formation, and writing structures including Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey.”
  • How to add color, texture and detail to your writing;
  • Finding your own voice and story.
  • What to do when you get stuck and how to develop great habits for great writing

We will explore:

  • Generating topics to write about and prompts for you to pursue
  • Thoughts and ideas from writers across multiple centuries.
  • Resources and tools to teach you more about storytelling, writing, and communications.
  • The psychology behind habit formation and building a writing practice.
  • The brilliance of your brain–you are already a wonderful thinker!–explore ways to let your voice come out on the page.
  • Engage in feedback and conversation with other writers, and get direct feedback on your questions, ideas and concerns.

“Because of this workshop, I have a lot more confidence as a writer.”

“This workshop encouraged me to experiment and to learn from things that don’t work, but to keep trying anyway–and this goes beyond writing, as well.”

“I enjoyed this class so much!”

Enrollment is now open.

Full details & all the nitty-gritty (including credentials, syllabus, lecture formats + what you’ll need) are here.

Fall 2013 Course Dates: Monday, September 16th — Friday, October 11th.

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Early Bird Registration: $400.
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