If I’ve seemed a bit quiet in these parts lately, it’s because I’ve been doing a lot of writing in other parts of the interwebs, and I’d love to share them with you. Check out a few of these features:

  • Homework, for Julien’s website In Over Your Head: On Breathing. “My relationship with breathing has always been tenuous: when I was eleven, I was diagnosed with asthma. I learned my lungs were restricting my airways—and it would jump on me like a sudden cold, onset in minutes, causing breathing to be painful.”
  • From the Everest blog: If You’re Told No, Do It Anyway. “There are always stories you can tell for why you didn’t do something, or why you couldn’t do something. There are a hundred ways to not be happy—your job is to keep trying until you find the way that works. There will always be a story you can tell in place of the story you really wish you were telling.”

And an update on the Charity: Water campaign — we’re at $17,346 and steadily growing! If we can get to over $22,000 before next week’s party, we can probably tip the scales towards reaching our goal. I’d love to swim by September 22 or 23 (a little less than two weeks!) before the water starts to drop temperature quickly. Think we can do it? If you’ve been thinking about donating, I could really use your help right about now!

And a quick note on getting things done. It’s pretty simple.

You have to do it.