Savor things + go slowly

I am the worst offender of this.

I’m so rushed doing one thing, thinking about the next thing, that I forget what it’s like to just BE in the moment.

I have scheduled time to tightly and packed my life so fully, that sometimes I try to swim faster just to get out of the pool faster so I can move on to the next step.

Swim faster? Seriously?

While taking the bus, during a few car-free days last month, I had the chance to observe. To sit, to wait, and to not move while waiting for the bus.

No more foot-tapping. No more impatiently waiting. No reading 3 books at a time.

Sometimes, life is worth savoring. Long, slow, wonderful exploratory runs with no music. Decadent dates in the sunny park without somewhere to be or something to do on the near horizon.

Enjoy the time.

Today, for a brief moment, relax.

Savor things and Go Slowly.

2 Responses to Savor things + go slowly

  1. I have trobule getting to that “middle road” – where I’m not doing 100 things and not completely vegging out in front of the TV. What’s it called…moderation? :)

    • I know! My parents call me a light switch – ON or OFF. The rare moments when I do things somewhat slowly are such a pleasure. But it’s hard to remember to go slowly!