White space, in graphic design, is the space on the page that isn’t.

It’s the space on the page that’s blank, that echos the thoughts and points of the content by giving it space.

White space is that delicious break, that rest, the recapitulation of ideas by doing nothing at all.

White space gives the words meaning and play, letting light, color, balance, shadow, and emphasis dance across the page in new ways.

I love white space.

Sometimes, in my designs, my boss calls me a minimalist.

I find this funny that my writing is so abundant and my designs so crisp and precise.

White space, in our lives, is the buffer of time we give to ourselves between projects.

Unplanned weekends are white space.

Three hours between the end of work and the next task – that’s white space.

Planning only one activity – perhaps yoga- and then being open to the activities beyond – is white space.

White space is play.

It’s space to breathe.
It’s space to be.

White space gives definition to our activities by forcing us to be more selective, not to cram, and to CHOOSE.
Above all else, choose what fits on your page and what is eliminated.

Beautiful uses of white space come from copious amounts of editing, revision, and re-drawing. Words don’t always land perfectly on a page the first time. Trial and error is good.

Different days and tasks and chores require different amounts of white space.

But we all need white space. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

White space makes the other stuff matter more.

White space make your life activities better.

White space makes you better.

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