Don’t finish everything. There are things that aren’t worth doing.

Delete them.

That half-finished magazine? Recycle it.

The book you’re not that into? Don’t read the rest of it.

The clothes you keep meaning to fix? Don’t fix them – give them away, donate, or get rid of them.

Today, unfinish, throw away, or clean out 10 things. Don’t do them. It’s okay not to. They are cluttering up your mind, your energy, and causing you stress.

This is not procrastination. Don’t save it for later – just don’t do it.  Why? You’ll be fine if you don’t do it. Each object, each task, each item on your list is something that takes up your valuable time and fights for your attention.

Be careful and cautious with your time and attention. Do the things that matter. Don’t do the things that don’t matter.

Un-finish. Not everything started needs to be finished.

(Ahhh… doesn’t that feel good?)

Authors note: I wrote this list the week before I picked up Tim Ferriss’ book, The Four Hour Work Week – I suppose my mind was on the same track at that point!  In the “Elimination” chapter, Part Three, he has the same principle: “practice the art of non-finishing.” I love his quote: “Starting something doesn’t automatically justify finishing it.”  Yes!