Can I go 30 days without a car?

As part of “Lessons from Less,” and in a follow-up to my question about whether or not I should keep my car, I set out at the end of December to go for 30 days without my car to see if I can wrangle up the nerve to sell it. I’ve parked my car outside of the city, and it’s gone from my being for nearly the entire month of January.

In fact, I may sell it at the end of January. (Thanks for all of the amazing opinions and comments from my first post!)

I am taking a deep breath and trying to re-route my life by living with less and un-burdening myself from some of the financial stress of car ownership.

One step at a time, one bus ride at a time, one book at a time.

Wish me luck. For the first 25 years of my life, I lived car-free (well, with the exception of mom and dad driving me around everywhere). I’ve been a car owner for a year.

Now I’m about to embark into the car-free world again …

Let’s see how it goes.