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The best of the blog: behind the scenes on organization, archives, and new reading collections for your weekend.

What does 250 blog posts look like? A look back at the archives and the best bits from three years of blogging.Keep Reading

Find Your Creative Flow, A Chat With Barrett Brooks & Living For Monday, and My Favorite Fall Books

A big welcome to all the new faces and readers who have found me through the¬†Thought Catalog¬†essays, Scoutie Girl, and my recent interview with Barrett Brooks on the Living for Monday Show! It’s been a busy week behind the scenes over here, and consequently there are a LOT of new faces to this website. FeelKeep Reading

William James on consciousness and movement

William James, from the University of Amsterdam In the 1961 text titled Psychology: The Briefer Course, William James, (an eminent theorist and one of the founders of modern psychology), writes a series of essays on habits, consciousness, the self, attention, association, memory, sense of time, and several more topics. The book, a compilation of James’Keep Reading

Feasts, Powder Kegs, New York, Filming, Indianapolis + Lots of Link Love!

Rooftop Yoga On The Standard, NYC. What another whirlwind of weeks! I touched down in San Francisco a couple days ago, just in time to see that the entire city had turned orange (Halloween and the Giants in the playoffs will turn this city somewhat crazy), and as soon as the wheels landed, it seemsKeep ReadingKeep Reading

Reading: Creativity, Talent + Marissa Mayer. Also: Urban Revival and Adults Making New Friends

What I’m reading: Creativity, Start-ups, Marissa Mayer and how adults make friends later in life (do they?)Keep Reading

Four Mantras All Writers Know And Love

I’m on a writing retreat with my younger sister and family this weekend, and we’re editing, writing, and working on several projects (from crochet to design to catching up on other unfinished ideas). We were sitting by the ocean, bantering about writing and editing. She shared four “writing mantras,” from one of her favorite teachers,Keep Reading